Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answering Skeptics - A New Book by Dr Peter Hammond

But Aren't All Religions the Same?
How Can a Good God Allow Evil?
Why Does God Not Stop All the Suffering?
How Do You Know There is a God?
What Proof Do You Have That the Bible is the Word of God?
How Can I Know That Jesus is the Messiah?
Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Really Taught in the Bible?
Isn't Religion Just a Crutch for the Weak?
How Can a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?
What About Hypocrites in the Church?
What About the Inquisition?

If you have ever asked, or encountered, such questions - this book is for you.

Answering Skeptics incisively and thoroughly deals with 14 of the hottest, toughest and most important questions concerning the Bible, eternity, suffering, evil, Hell, religion, God, Jesus, the Trinity, History, Hypocrisy and the Church.

In 144 pages this book will answer your questions, clarify your priorities and empower your evangelism.

For Those Prepared to Think

In the Introduction, Ray Comfort of Way of the Master writes:
"We live in an age of skepticism, where there is a revival of the foolishness of atheism. The atheist creates a god from the characteristics he finds unattractive 'The God of the Bible is a judgmental, homophobic, unloving, wrath-filled, merciless tyrant. If that's your God of love, I want nothing to do with him!' But the god he doesn't believe in doesn't exist! He is a figment of human imagination. Atheists try to hide from God. But not all skeptics are hardened atheists. Some are prepared to think and listen. It is to these that Peter Hammond writes."

Head On

Rev. Erlo Stegen of KwaSizabantu Mission says: "Answering Skeptics may become another classic by Peter Hammond. A 'must read' for Christians. Skeptics, atheists and secular humanists are on the march with a new militancy. There are more godless groups in the world than ever before. Peter Hammond's book is designed to meet these skeptics head-on."

Answering Skeptics is available at R75 a copy from:

Christian Liberty Books
PO Box 358 Howard Place 7450
Pinelands South Africa
Tel: 021-689-7478

Who is Dr. Peter Hammond?

Peter Hammond was born in Cape Town, in 1960, and brought up in Bulawayo (old Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe). He was converted to Christ in 1977, worked in Scripture Union and Hospital Christian Fellowship, served in the South African Defence Force and studied at Baptist Theological College, Cape Town. He also earned a Doctorate in Missiology and was awarded an honourary Doctorate of Divinity.

Dr. Peter Hammond has pioneered evangelistic outreaches in the war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. Often travelling by off road motorbike, Peter has travelled hundreds of thousands of miles to deliver Bibles to persecuted Christians in Africa and Eastern Europe. In the course of his missionary activities Peter has been ambushed, come under aerial and artillery bombardments, been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested and imprisoned. On some mission trips he has flown far behind enemy lines to the beleaguered Nuba Mountains in Central Sudan with tonnes of Bibles, books and relief aid. He has then walked throughout the war devastated Nuba Mountains showing the Jesus film in Arabic, proclaiming the Gospel, training pastors and evading enemy patrols.... more info here.

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