Saturday, July 30, 2011


Duncan Allan, 20 years old, current B COM Investment management student at TUKS. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is 1.9m tall.

Last seen 7:30am on Monday 18 July 2011 at Lynwood Motors, Pretoria, collecting his car (Green Jetta registration DJY 086 GP. There has been no other reported citing or contact from him since. He was at a bible study group the night before he went missing where he slept in his residence (Olienhout) that night.

Duncan has recently missed all of his lectures, his serenade (TUKS) practice, not returned to his residence at Olienhout or spoken to any friends, church members or family members.

Duncan is a diligent and grounded scholar and man. This is completely uncharacteristic of him, and his family are looking for any information that could help with this mysterious and unusual disappearance.

A missing persons report has been filed, however the police have not as yet produced any useful information. The family have contacted all friends and hospitals in the Gauteng area.

Contact Tim Allan (Father) 082 882 4047

Please can you help us by making the public aware of this disappearance. If we can find the car we will be one step closer to finding Duncan


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Anonymous said...

Very sad for the family and parents. I hope he is all right. One has to ask the question whether he had some enemies, lady problems, problems at home, or drug/alcohol issues. However we live in a crime infested country and anything is possible. I hope if he is all right that he goes back home. All I can do is keep my eyes peeled. May he be well and alive.

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