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On 29 April 2011, an anonymous commentator asked me to explore the website, and to express my opinions thereon. The posting in question is JEWISH TURNAROUND - CHRISTIAN RESPONSE.

I posted an informative opinion, in two parts, to the Anonymous commentator – firstly, because the person politely asked me to do so, and secondly, with the hope that it would generate some debate on the topic. However -- to date, I have not heard a single word from this individual – not even a polite “Thank You!”.

This is happening way too frequently lately, and I’m starting to wonder if this is not a strategy, employed by some people, to wear me down -- as some of my replies take considerable time and effort to compile.

The parent blog Tia Mysoa was created because I wanted to enter the blogging scene, and not because other people asked for it; it was thus my own personal choice!

This blog however was created, in January 2010, after receiving several requests from other people, who felt that the subjects of religion and politics should be kept separate from the postings on Tia Mysoa.  Several Christian folk also welcomed the proposal.

Despite my many efforts to market this blog, the sad reality is that the visitor count averages a miserable 40 to 60 pageviews per day. According to the Blogger Stats-overview the all time history, since Jan 2010, stands at 19,151 – averaging 2,158 pagviews per month.

A deeper statistical analysis has revealed that a whopping 73.4% of the visitors are spending less than 5 seconds on this blog.

So my question is:
Should this blog shut down?

Please make an effort to take part in the opinion poll. It can be found above in the left sidebar.


I also wish to express my gratitude to the select few regular visitors to these pages, and hope that their opinions will also be expressed here. Anonymous comments are still welcome!

Take note: My decision to shut down this blog may not depend solely on the results of the poll. Other factors will also be taken into account.

A few stats...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
Firstly let me thank you for the many hours you spend on Blogging this goes for both sites.
Secondly I’d like to thank you for THIS BLOG/SITE as it woke me up to the evil reality of the Zionist/Ashkenazi/)/Kenite (sons of Cain) Jewish Rothschild Dynasty/ Bolsheviks/ Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite Talmudic Khazar ‘Jews (It is certain according to the Bible that Khazar ‘Jews’ are not Israelites) et al.
I don’t refer to myself as a Christian anymore as way too many so-called sects falls into the category of Christians. Since reading on your Blog I’ve studied “The Jews” from all angles and can say “I have no fear of them… and would not like to be in their shoes when Christ comes to separate the good from the evil.
I’ve made my choice and stand strong in the full armour of GOD and with knowledge of God’s covenant with me without fear, and yes even I a white South African can claim the tittle of God’s chosen
So you see Tia you’ve not blogged completely in vain there’s always hope that one day (like in my case) one of your "candles" (inspirational blogs) will burst into flame like a long smouldering spark and start a conflagration that will sweep across the nation like a fire and illuminate vast new areas. That hope should be a source of courage that aids you in the struggle against the great odds to which you’re subjected for obvious reasons. Truth in action can prove itself a dynamic power of unlimited force. But alas Truth has no self-starter. Truth cannot get off dead centre unless a worthy apostle gives Truth a little push to overcome its inertia. Without that start Truth will stand still and will never arrive at its intended destination. It has been correctly contended for thousands of years that "In the end Truth always prevailed, but truth has often died aborted for the most logical reason. Your blogging in this respect will prove of great value. The “Sheeple” have been indoctrinated with Jewish lies. We have been disconnected from our God (and our culture)
Thank you from one who calls you a true “Watchman of God”

Tia Mysoa said...

@ Ria,

Thank you for taking the time to post this!

Although I recognize that much of what you’ve mentioned here comes directly from the talented and truthful pen of Benjamin Freedman, it is reassuring to know that this blog has opened the eyes of others. A great deal of the views I’ve expressed here are not my own, but have been published after thoughtful consideration and much prayer to our Almighty Father.

It is a great honour to be bestowed the title “Watchman of God”, but with that title comes a great responsibility and challenge to uphold the Word of God at all times, a purpose and duty I sometimes feel is too great to bear in a world gone mad!

Your kind words of praise and encouragement are thus greatly appreciated!

“Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”(Colossians 1:2)

Anonymous said...

Nothing is impossible with God on your side.
Just remember like me, those who only briefly scans through your Blog will not be able to say they never knew, no one told them.
If this is the cross you have to bear… it will be whether you THINK you can or can’t, so… please keep on fighting the “good fight”

raven.dts said...

And only 25 votes? Perhaps you should shut down. And then again, perhaps there is only 25 seeds so far that may have taken root. I for one have only stumbled onto this blog now, so bear with one seed more that has started germinating.

Tia Mysoa said...

@ raven.dts

Thank you!

Maybe "shutting down" is not quite the correct terminology... The blog and its current content will always continue to exist in cyberspace. Time, stats, and other factors, will tell whether it is worthwhile posting new articles, or not.

Thanks for visiting!

Dan said...

Do not measure the value of this blog in number of visitors.

This blog is on the narrow road. The narrow road is the only road to God and because it is narrow, the number of people that you will find on it, will be few.


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