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E-TV has stepped up its policy of sexually exploiting women by broadcasting the appallingly degrading Naked News programme on the channel on Fridays and Saturdays for the next 3 months. The free-to-air channel appears to be testing the South African viewer's response to their flirtation with p*rnography.

E-TV's late night broadcast of sexually explicit content is nothing new. Despite evidence of children viewing smut on E-TV, the channel insists on broadcasting p*rnography. Shaheeda Omar, therapeutic manager at Teddy Bear Clinic in Johannesburg, has interviewed 100 child sex offenders and their mothers from across the social spectrum for her doctoral research project at Johannesburg University. In most cases she found that absent parents and "unmet emotional needs" had turned television into a "surrogate care-giver" with disastrous consequences.

While some children claimed they had wanted to emulate love scenes in soap operas like the Bold and the Beautiful, others said they had been inspired by late night p*rnography on e-TV (Cape Times, Child on Child Violence Out of Control, 22 October 2006).

While we would agree that it is primarily the responsibility of parents to make sure that children are not being exposed to such programmes, there are many households where there is no parental supervision and thus, considering the pervasiveness of television, many children are watching these films.

In an attempt to distance E-TV from this deplorable programme Vasili Vass, E-TV head of publicity said, "The broadcast of Naked News has nothing to do with E-News, it is completely sponsor funded."

However, despite Vass' attempts to shift the blame, E-TV must take full responsibility for airing a program that reinforces the destructive stereotype that women are mere sex objects.

You cannot remain silent about this terrible degradation of women on national TV!

Please urgently write to E-TV C.E.O, Bronwyn Keene-Young at and Monde Twala, Group Head for E-TV at and demand the channel immediately cancel the broadcast of Naked News as well as all other pornographic programmess that demean women.

Please also copy in E-TV Head of Publicity, Vasili Vass at

Apparently, E-TV personnel may be blocking some of the above email addresses. If that is the case, send your email to:

Freedom of Expression does not guarantee the right to degrade women on national TV.

E-TV may be testing the waters before proceeding with a full blown porn channel. Waiting for a broadcast sponsor is the depraved "P*rn Star" program initiated by the Sexpo organisers, in which contestants perform live sex acts in front of a panel of judges.

Please ask your church pastor to distribute this alert to every member of the congregation. You and I must act now before our television channels are flooded with pornographic filth!

Edmund Burk said,
"All that is necessary for evil to prosper is that good people do nothing."

You and I cannot remain silent when women are demeaned and degraded for financial gain and children exposed to harmful sexually explicit content on national free-to-air television. If E-TV does not respond to our demands, you and I and every Christian citizen in South Africa must commit to a nationwide switch-off of E-TV and a targeted boycott of their sponsors.

It is essential we make a bold and decisive stand today. There is much at stake. P*rnography degrades and objectifies women and children and is a major contributor to divorce, family breakdown, the sexual exploitation of women and children, prostitution and general moral decay.

Let us send out a clear message today that you and I will not tolerate the social degradation of women and children, nor will we stand idly by while our airwaves are turned into sewers of filth.

"Who will rise up for Me against the wicked? Who will make a stand for Me against the workers of iniquity?"
Psalm 94:16

Download the Finding Freedom from P*rn leaflet here.

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