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Although President Zuma once said that he was baptised and knew Jesus
(report here), I have a reasonably strong suspicion that the man, either has no clue what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, or he does not understand how to humble himself under the mighty hand of God before the majority Christian nation he was chosen to rule.

The man’s entire lifestyle, since becoming a politician, is sufficient proof that he prefers being a worshipper of idols, - the ANC and woman being two of his most favourite, which boils down to the fact that he has become an idolater. (Read Colossians 3:5 KJV to see what that means).

Although I must admit that I’ve heard religious jokes told by faithful Christians before, they’ve always been spoken in private and in good taste, in a manner that will not offend others. However, in Zuma’s case I don’t think he was joking!

President Zuma knows all too well that almost 80 percent of the population in South Africa are, in some way or another, serious about living a Christian lifestyle. Although his absurd remarks were a clumsy effort on his part to gain votes from this sector of the population, true Bible-believing Christians will not tolerate such political tactics, and definitely not coming from the President of the country! The bottom line is that politics and religion are two concepts that have never mixed well, yet in Africa things always seem to work backwards. Don’t ask me why!

In the following article Jeremy Gordin writes about the president's bold excursus into theology.

Zuma's trip to heaven
Jeremy Gordin
11 February 2011

I am forever being ambushed by the depth of feeling, usually negative, that President Jacob Zuma succeeds in engendering in others.

His latest surprise was his excursus into theology last Friday. Addressing a rally in Mthatha, Zuma told supporters that only an ANC membership card would guarantee an automatic pass to heaven.

"When you vote for the ANC," our president said, "you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don't vote for the ANC, you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork ... who cooks people.

"When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used, but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven," he said.

"When (Jesus) fetches us we will find (those in the beyond) wearing black, green and gold. The holy ones belong to the ANC."

Newspapers have been receiving satchels full of letters criticising Zuma's "blasphemy". One newspaper editor wrote that Zuma had out-done Malema in terms of spouting "political crap".

The secretary of the South African Council of Churches, Eddie Makue, said Zuma's statements were "dangerous". Kenneth Meshoe the ACDP leader, a real reverend, said Zuma was talking twaddle. Pieter Mulder, the FF+ leader, who is pretty circumspect these days, said Zuma's comments were irresponsible. Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the IFP leader, said the remarks were "disgraceful".

DA leader Helen Zille added: "If President Zuma has been correctly quoted, his words combine blasphemy, intimidation and blackmail. It is unbelievable that the president of a constitutional democracy can threaten voters with such untruths."

Mostly, however, as far as one can gauge these matters without a scientific survey, he has really annoyed people of all persuasions across the board. When I ask them what they think of Zuma's comments, usually easy-going people reply quite viciously about the president, saying that he's clearly a "fool" and a "moron".

Of course it's not the first time that Zuma has made remarks of this sort; and we know that he specialises in not learning from his mistakes. He infuriated Christians and opposition parties during the 2009 general election campaign when he repeatedly said the ruling party would rule until Jesus returned.

So what was the president thinking? Or was he not thinking at all? We know the president doesn't drink, but could he have been smoking some of the Eastern Cape's finest? Really, what possessed him to talk such nonsense - and to alienate all sorts of people?

It's difficult to work out the answer to those questions, but there is a joke doing the rounds that might, like many jokes, have a kernel of truth hidden inside.

It goes something like this. Zuma, having died, goes to the pearly gates with his ANC membership card pinned firmly to his black, green and gold cloak. St. Peter offers Zuma a chance to spend a week in heaven, then a week in hell; following which, he can choose where he'd like to go.

The first week, in heaven, is blissful: as calm and peaceful as the fields around Nkandla. Then Zuma goes to hell - and there he finds many of his comrades led by Julius Malema. They play golf, drink, and party all night with beautiful woman (with sushi on their naked bodies) and so on.

St. Peter then asks Zuma what his choice is, reminding him it will be his final choice. Zuma replies that heaven is great, but hell is clearly more fun. In a nanosecond, he is in hell. He arrives in a desolate waste land, a place of torture and hatred. So Zuma turns to Malema and asks: "What happened to all the great stuff that was here?"

"Ah," replies Malema, "last week we were campaigning, this week you actually voted."

And the moral of the joke is? It's that Zuma is a wily old campaigner and was on the campaign trail in Mthatha. He knows full well the way in which the general population relates to their religion and to the ANC. It's called being a populist.

You suspect I have it wrong and that his remarks might back-fire? Check out the votes that come out of Mthatha for the ANC in the forthcoming local elections.

This article first appeared in the Daily Dispatch.

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Anonymous said...

He is a high ranking freemason- draw the comparison between this and his utterings lately.

Dirtyoldsix said...

Making religious noises or remarks does not make you a Born Again Christian. Even following Christ does not make you a Christian. If Zuma trusts Jesus as his Saviour the world will know it and he will not speak lightly of it. Judas followed Christ for many years, but he NEVER trusted Jesus like the thief (believed on Jesus)on the cross. The thief is in heaven today and Judas, a disciple is in hell.

Regards Louis

Hans Blunk said...

62553424Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord,.... The purposes and resolutions of his heart concerning their welfare, particularly the restoration of them to their own land; these were within him, and known to him, and him only; they were remembered by him, and continued with him, as the "thoughts of his heart are to all generations"; and so would not fail of being performed; men think and forget what they have thought of, and so it comes to nothing; but thus it is not with God; he has taken up many thoughts in a way of love, grace, and mercy, concerning sinful men; about their election in Christ; a provision of all spiritual blessings for them; redemption and salvation by Christ; their effectual calling, adoption, and eternal life:

Dan Blignaut said...

The church was built on freemasonry to control the masses. It has been extremely in creating dogmatically dedicated followers that believe in all sorts of collections of mythical and foreign beliefs, compiled into a book called 'the bible's. What they have been able to achieve is a bunch of gullible consumers that feed their power and wealth through mass greed and insecurity. Don't read into everything as Illuminati or evil when you can't make sense of it. An Indian isn't a freemason, just because he eats samosas. It's just a convenient way of folding the pastry.

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