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As I’ve already stated in this article, I am totally convinced that the 3000-plus farmers (Boers) who have been murdered in South Africa since 1994 were all Christians - (This figure now stands at 3759 - Last updated 2010-11-27).

Whether the murderers are aware of the fact that their victims are Christian or not is besides the point, because those who commit these atrocities have the evil unholy spirit of satan running through their veins. It has nothing to do with targeting rich people, because the vast majority of their victims are far from wealthy! They’ve become targets or crime, torture, and murder, because their skin-colour is white, and in a country like South Africa it represents the colour of Christianity, - the colour of the people who introduced Christianity to this godforsaken part of the world. The followers of satan, those who follow Cain's Way, hate these people with a passion!

Here is another story (there are many) of a family who survived a recent satanic onslaught. Note how this family was threatened and intimated because of their faith in God:

Robbers: "Pray, it won't help!"
(Bid maar, julle gaan nie môre sien nie!)

2010-11-29 09:26

By Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - A 6-year-old boy hid in his father's Land Rover after attackers pulled his shot father from the vehicle and pushed him into their house in Donkerhoek, east of Pretoria, over the weekend.

After the attackers assaulted George Visser and his partner Zelda Keulder with firearms, they went to fetch the boy in the vehicle.

In the house, little Zane Visser, 6, ran straight towards Keulder and watched as the attackers raided their house and shouted at them.

They kept firearms pointed at them throughout the ordeal.

Prayed out loud

"I started praying out loud," said Keulder, 36, on Sunday outside the Pretoria hospital where Visser was operated on.

"The one told me directly that I could pray even louder because we wouldn't see tomorrow."

The incident was the fourth attack in the Boschkop police district east of Pretoria in less than a month.

Visser, 47, was shot in the neck through the windscreen when he stopped in front of his house on Saturday night. He had gone to fetch Zane from a birthday party.

When Visser was hit, he grabbed Zane and threw him in the back of the vehicle, where he hid away.

Keulder was busy working at about 21:00 when she heard five shots. She went to the front door to have a look but a man holding a firearm was already standing there.

The man took Keulder to the bedroom and threw her to the ground. Another two attackers then brought Visser into the room.

Visser and Keulder were each hit over the head with the firearms three times. The attackers wanted jewellery and money.

"They told us we weren't going to make it," said Keulder.

"I started praying out loud and asked Jesus to help them and to forgive them for what they were going to do to us."

Frightened off

The attackers took the couple to the living room, where they asked them: "Where is the child?"

Zane was then fetched from the Land Rover.

While the attackers were raiding the house, a car's lights frightened them off. It was Visser's mother, Leona, who came looking for a painkiller. She lives only a few kilometres away.

The attackers fled with a laptop and cellphones.

Apart from Visser's operation on Sunday afternoon, Zane had to receive trauma counselling.

"I really wish that something could be done about this (crime)," said Keulder.

"We live in a world where everyone wants to go overseas. If only we could give work to everyone."


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