Friday, October 1, 2010


Brussels - Interpol's secretary general says militants
(new name for communists) in northern Africa and Somalia will soon pose more of a terrorist threat than those based in Afghanistan.

Ronald K Noble tells The Associated Press that al-Qaeda's North African branch and Somali Islamists "will eclipse Afghanistan in terms of terror threats in the next five to 10 years".

Members of Somalia's al-Shabaab movement have been of increasing concern to Western law enforcement agencies, especially after it claimed responsibility for attacks in Uganda's capital during the World Cup final that killed 76 people.

The attacks, the group's first outside Somali territory, were seen by analysts as an indicator of its international ambitions.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) also is of growing concern.

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The following passages were taken from a previous posting on this blog – The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in Africa:

Somalia has experienced continuous conflict for more than a decade. A transitional government maintains loose control over the capital, Mogadishu. Christians fear that the rise of radical Islam will lead to Shariah law and greater persecution. Islam is the official religion, and there is no official religious freedom. Article 5 of the Somali constitution states: “Promotion of any religion in the territory of Somaliland other than Islam is prohibited. The laws of the nation shall be grounded on, and shall not be valid, if they are contrary to Islamic Shariah.”

Just one percent of Somalis are Christians — most are secret believers. It is difficult to know the exact number of underground churches. Islamic radicals, who have vowed to wipe out all Somali Christians, have murdered many. Persecution has intensified in the past 15 years. Persecutors are family members, clan members, Islamist extremists and local administrators. Distribution of the Somali Bible is possible only in refugee camps and outside the country. On Aug. 24, 2009, members of the Islamic militant group al Shabaab killed Ahmed Matan, a recent convert from Islam, near the Kenyan border. Other reports of violence against Christians in Somalia include the February 2009 beheading of two sons of a Christian leader and the videotaped November 2008 beheading of a 25-year-old convert to Christianity. Al Shabaab militia shot to death 46-year-old Mariam Muhina Hussein on Sept. 28 in Marerey village after discovering she had six Bibles. She was the leader of an underground church. Source:

The map of Africa on the right, shows the major religions distributed as of today.

Somalia, which is under communist rule, is located on the Horn of Africa, with Ethiopia bordering the west. The map shows only the religion as a whole excluding denominations or sects of the religions, and is coloured by how the religions are distributed, and not by main religion of country, etc. I have modified the colours slightly in this map, and have also added the African countries for easy reference. The original map can be viewed here.

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