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This posting is a continuation of my previous article concerning the treachery and deceit of the Zeitgeist movie, and particularly the claim that Christianity was founded on earlier ancient myths and that Jesus Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection is all a personification of other ancient and mythical solar messiahs.

The full transcript of Zeitgeist Part One can be viewed here on For those who are not familiar with the movie and the claims made therein, I suggest you first read what is stated in the transcript before reading my synopsis published here. I’ve called it a ‘synopsis’ because there is no way one can adequately deal with ALL the controversial allegations in one single posting.

An important thought to keep in mind while absorbing the ‘synopsis’ presented here is that Planet Earth, with a Mean Radius of 6,371.0 km, travelling through space at an average orbital speed of 29.78 km/s (107,200 km/h), -- is a mere spec of dust in the cosmic scheme of things. This fact should not distract your thoughts into believing that we (the inhabitants of this beautiful planet) have no purpose in life, for this amazing Universe was DESIGNED by the same intelligence who created YOU, – from dust (aka atoms)! This same higher intelligence who has given the smallest living cell, the wee ant, the tiniest little bird, YOU and ME, a purpose for living, also saw it fit to include the sun and the moon in the design of our world, -- all for a purpose!

I don’t think I need to convey to readers what these purposes are. Nor do I feel it necessary to emphasize the fact that we humans, and all other living organisms on earth would never have existed in our present forms, if it weren’t for the sun’s precise location and equilibrium in the entire scheme of this magnificent creation. If the gravitational force were altered by 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent, our sun would not exist, and, therefore neither would we, -- so I’m not playing with words when I talk about the sun’s PRECISE location! This fact is but one Anthropic Constant that deals with gravity. There are many other constants related to the precise levels of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc... that have been DESIGNED by a Creator with a superior mind-boggling intelligence.

Through the study of the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) Christians worldwide have come to accept that this Higher Intelligence is no one else but God their Almighty Father, and that according to the New Testament God sent His Son (not the SUN) to live and die on this earth --- also for a purpose!

Despite the fact that modern science is fast becoming the most powerful argument for the existence of God, there are still people out there doing their utmost to confuse the whole issue. It is truly becoming a challenging task to unravel the jumble-and-clutter these people create, AND believe me when I say that many Christians will be shocked and amazed to see the amount of junk (outright blasphemy) floating about online as well as in print form. In fact, if you do not want to be exposed to all this nonsense, then I suggest it may be better for you not to read the rest of this posting, or the links to other articles I’ll be providing here. You may EXIT this page now if you wish, -- or continue at own risk!

If you’ve decided to carry on reading, then don’t tell me that I have not warned you! My concern is that you may fall hook-line-and-sinker for some or other hypothesis, simply because it sounds highly plausible. Beware that you are not sent forth on a wild goose chase to nowhere!

Okay, so you are still here? Well, in that case I will start off with something that will make you chuckle – just to break the tension!

Do you see the small picture on your right? It is in fact a painting of a cow eating grass.

Okay, so now you’re wondering why it is blank – a white canvas with nothing on it. My answer is this: “Well, the cow ate all the grass”. You ask, “but where is the cow then?” The answer: “you did not expect the cow to stick around if there was no grass, did you?”

The above scenario has often been used to illustrate the absurdity of irrational and foolish thought. Conspiracy theorists are one category of people who tend to make claims, which to the untrained or uninformed eye appear at first glance to be believable, -- because fragments of common truth are mixed in with the recipe -- to catch your attention!!! When their deceit or fraud is exposed and they are shown that evidence supporting the central theme of their claim(s) is in fact false, -- two things normally happen:

Action One:
They either change the rules for what counts as evidence, and then construct amazing stories to explain how and why their evidence got the way it was when it was first presented. In other words – ‘painting of a cow eating grass’. In certain cases, as is the case with the Zeitgeist movie, Acharya S, David Icke, etc. they create fan clubs, societies, websites, youtube videos -- you name it, to gather as many followers as possible, and obviously also for the financial gain and/or to create avenues for the marketing of their ‘sensational’ products.

Action Two:
They silently fade away like mist over the ocean. The problem with this is that mist tends to return on occasion, and not always over the ocean, but other places too - and in the case with the internet, the mist can remain stuck there in cyberspace for all to find, see, copy, duplicate, distribute and multiply -- long after it was created and long after the original author has vanished from the scene! This is the case with the so-called, Piso Theory also known by many other names such as: ‘The Romans Created Christianity Theory’ or the ‘Flavian Hypothesis’ – a name given by the one-man-band internet-supporter of this theory. Take note, that I’ll also be dealing with this aspect later in this same posting, but before we get there we need to sort out other issues first, -- (patience brothers and sisters, patience!)

Let’s have a look at some of the issue concerning Christianity’s association with Sun Worship:

I am going to presume that you have read the transcript of the Zeitgeist movie Part One.

Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary on December 25th

This is incorrect. Jesus was born in a winter month near the end of September, probably on September 29, 4 BC. [15th Ethanim (Tisri) by Hebrew reckoning]. Christmas was a pagan festival long before the time of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Day (25 December) was the birthday of the Egyptian Horus (Osiris). To understand how it became gradually substituted for the real Natalis Domini of our blessed Saviour, I suggest you read this article for more info.

The article I’ve linked to will also cover the main arguments against the Nativity having taken place in December, among others, the extreme improbability that Mary, under such circumstances, could have undertaken a journey of about 70 miles (as the crow flies), through a hill district averaging some 3,000 feet above sea - level, in the depth of winter. See also Easter: The Ultimate Blasphemy.

Jesus had 12 disciples

The maker of Zeitgeist and other opponents of Christianity consider this fact as the most obvious of all the astrological symbolism around Jesus, because according to them it represents the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, -- hence Christianity’s so-called connection to Sun Worship. Yes folk, THIS is what they base their main evidence on!

The lesser complimentary evidence relates to Jesus who walked on water - as the sun’s rays sometimes do, and also to biblical references to Jesus as the Light of the World, the Risen Saviour, and the Son (sun) of God. Some unwary folk will instantly think, “Wow, this makes so much sense!” – and then they’ll make the grave error of believing every other claim, -- not stopping for one moment to grasp the fact that the original new Testament was written in Greek and not English, and that the many parallels between Jesus and ancient mythical gods are false. (More about this later).

The Number 12

It so happens that the number 12 is a significant number in all matters that have to do with rule and government (in the sense of being organized). God designed it that way, hence the reason why the sun "rules" the day (12 hours), and the moon and stars which "govern" the night (12 hours), do so by their passage through the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which completes the great circle of the heavens of 360 (12 x 30) degrees or divisions, and thus govern the year.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: …”
(Genesis 1:14) Emphasis added.

That fact that the number 12 is a perfect number signifying perfection in rule and government, is not the only reason why it is so prominent in the two main religions, namely: Judaism and Christianity. Click here to view references of its widespread use in the Bible.

Other reasons relate directly to the fact that the fathers of astronomy were the Bible Patriarchs themselves! Christians may be shocked by this fact, but before you get alarmed please realize that there is a difference between astronomy and astrology. Astrology is forbidden in the Bible, - astronomy is not! This topic will also be the subject of my next posting.

The perfect number 12 is also prominent in many other fields not related to religion at all:

  • The number of function keys on most PC keyboards (F1 through F12)
  • The number of dialling keys in any standard digital telephone (1 through 9, 0, * and #)
  • There are 12 in a dozen.
  • 12 inches in one foot.
  • In the former British currency system, there were twelve pence in a shilling.
  • There are normally twelve pairs of ribs in the human body.
  • The Twelve Tables or Lex Duodecim Tabularum, more informally simply Duodecim Tabulae was the ancient legislation underlying Roman law.
Click here to view more

The "Son" of God is the "Sun" of God

Think people think! The New Testament was originally written in Greek, and only later translated into other languages. The Greek word for sun is ‘Helios’. There are seven Greek words translated ‘child’ in the New Testament. One of these words which refer to ‘son’, or ‘male’ is ‘Huios’, and is only used in reference to origin and nature, including that of the relationship to the father. Other Greek words which can also refer to ‘son’, depending on the context or relation in which they are used are, among others, teknon, pais, and paidion. Click here to view the various distinctions for these Greek words. It is only in English that son and sun are pronounced exactly the same.

Chris Forbes, a senior lecturer in Ancient History, points out that "son" and "sun" are not homophonic words (similar sounding) in either Latin, Ancient Egyptian, or Greek, and therefore no such misunderstanding would occur. Forbes also states that there is no evidence in Egyptian sources saying that Horus' mother Isis was a virgin. Similarly, neither Krishna (the eighth son), Dionysus (whose mother had slept with Zeus) nor Attis were ever supposed born of virgins.

Forbes also criticizes the Zeitgeist movie's use of Roman sources to suggest that Jesus did not exist, noting that a long list flashed across the screen of supposed contemporaneous historians that did not mention Jesus is actually a list of geographers, gardening writers, poets and philosophers, who should not be expected to mention him. – Sources: and Wikipedia.

This brings us to the other theory, which reminds me so much of that painting of a cow eating grass, but beware – you’ll be surprised to hear how many people actually believe this theory.

Did the Romans invent Christianity for political reasons (Piso Theory)?

Well if they did, and all these claims happen to be true (which they are not), then it would appear that their own massive fraudulent invention horribly backfired on them, because Christianity it would seem had some influence on the decline and fall of the Roman empire, as reviewed in the brilliant writings of the famous English historian Edward Gibbon, in ‘The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ - published in six volumes.

Nevertheless, I believe it is worthwhile for Christians to be aware of what exactly the so-called Piso Theory is all about, and to have at least some background knowledge of where and how it all started. An online article causing much damage, and easily picked up by Google, if you use the correct search-terms, can be viewed here. The article is called ‘The True Authorship of the New Testament’.

Anyone doing online research on this subject, will sooner or later land on that page, and – as I’ve said before, if you’re not careful you may easily find yourself dangling like a fish at the end of a hook -- thinking, “My goodness gracious me. What if this were ALL TRUE?”

The online article, which consisting of roughly 6200 word, states near the end the following:

“The problem is that Christianity has taken such a monumentally strong foothold in world societies. A religion that depended on the ignorance of slaves to guard its secrets now must increasingly coexist with a population that is being educated by television, and now by the internet. Slaves were not intended to share in the hidden knowledge contained in the New Testament. The books were a tool that was intended for use by Roman aristocrats and priests to keep the slaves humble, fearful and hopeful. It was a great source of power for a Roman family to initiate its young scholars into the hidden messages (even jokes) in a book that was seen as a fearful mystery by the uninitiated.”
The True Authorship of the New Testament -

Also take note that this site was last updated on 13 October 2006. I know this by typing the following code in the address bar of the web page: javascript:alert(document.lastModified)

The site also provides several links at the end, among others, the Roman Piso Homepage, which is hosted on the free domain of The above javascript code will not work on a free site because the adverts placed there are updated every day, however using code is not necessary, because the page states that, The New Roman Piso Homepage was created on 03/21/2000, and last updated on 08/14/2000. It thus died a sudden death soon after its creation, but yet its ghost remains on cyberspace, to haunt and tease the minds of millions.

Read the entire article, and explore the links if you wish, but once you have done that, you MUST read what this learned author has to say about the Roman Piso Theory.

Take note that much info regarding the Piso Theory was taken from extracts derived from Abelard Reuchlin's "The True Authorship of the New Testament" (1979). The review on also provides some insight.

The Venus Project

The Zeitgeist Movement, established by the maker of the Zeitgeist Movie, works alongside The Venus Project as an activist network. The Venus Project is featured in the movie as a possible solution to the global problems described in the film. One of their main goals to improve society by moving towards a global resource-based economy. GOD DOES NOT EXIST IN THEIR PLANNED SYSTEM!

As proclaimed on their web site the Venus Project promises to offer the world a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium. In other words, -- a fantasy world!

I was going to provide justification why the Venus Project will not work in a diverse multi-cultural society, but it appears that the critic on has already taken the words out of my mouth. However, I do wish to point out that history has already shown us that someone, - a ruler or government of some sort (remember the number 12), will always end up being on the top of that pyramid. For example: If computers are going to do all the work on earth, as proposed by the Venus Project, who is going to build, maintain, and manage them? Who will own the power – the computer-system or the people who designed the system?

In my opinion I think it best that we leave the planning of a dynamic sustainable world in God’s hands.

Well my friends, -- that is the end of my story for now.

May God bless you in abundance!

Click here for the promised article concerning Astronomy.


Before reading the above article, I suggest you first have a look at the short posting called, The Supreme Being of Primitive Man.


Greyling said...

As time progresses and humankind seemingly advances into so called enlightenment, one can observe the exact opposite taking place. We are becoming less civilised and infinitely more brutal and degenerate in everything that we do.

The world as it is has no place for a God that demands adherence to morals and principles, hence the on going attack on the Christian faith and its corruption from within its own ranks.

Attacks upon the Christian faith such as "Zeitgeist" should be viewed as confirmation that our God is real. For if He were not a real threat to Satan and his works, nothing would be said.

If one has never experienced a personal relationship with our Lord then one could easily fall prey to these powerful tactics and lose the hope and promise of eternal life that is in Christ.

What we also tend to forget, is how powerful our Lord is and what seems impossible to us humans was achieved through His word alone out of absolute nothingness into the marvel of creation.

Tia Mysoa said...

Hi Greyling,

Yep! You’ve spoken wise words.

I think it was Thomas Paine who once said, “How then is it, that when we study the works of God in the creation, we stop short, and do not think of God?

He was referring to how man would look at a beautiful piece of architecture, or any work of art, and instantly think of the genius and talents of the artist. A respectable artist will give the true author, God, the credit.

This trend is dying out, and sadly even among Christians too.

Don't miss my next posting about Astronomy!

Greyling said...

Wont miss it for the world. I enjoy your well researched articles.

Tia Mysoa said...

Thanks Greyling!

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