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Not too long ago, husbands and wives still understood the importance of rearing a family according to Godly principles and values. Although the man was the breadwinner and head of the family, he was supported by his wife who clearly understood how to keep the family happily united, and also how to support her husband in every respect. Mutual love and respect between husband and wife were based on the guidelines we read in, among other places, Ephesians chapter 5.

Much has changed since those good old days, and satan has conquered many minds and souls. This posting will reveal how this wicked enemy of ours, accomplished the destruction of family values, and what methods were used. I hope it serves as a warning for young families who are starting off on the exciting journey called, “Living your Life”.


Besides two major World Wars and countless other battles before and after those wars, most Western families managed to adapt to a changing world, and remained unharmed by the satanic forces prowling all corners of the Earth, and even the airwaves. This they managed to do because their minds remained sober and focused on the true Creator of our universe. The methods used varied from church to church and also from one denomination to te next, but in the end ‘Christ consciousness’ was the main guiding force that provided stability and peace in the home environment. Satan then realized that in order to win more souls he had to intensify his efforts to destroy the family unity.

Two World Wars had not achieved the desired results, despite the fact that military duties kept Dad and many young sons out of the family-picture for considerable lengths of time. Satan totally underestimated God’s love for His children, and also His awesome power, and His brilliance during those times of strife and warfare. Most men, who survived combat, returned to their families feeling spiritually stronger and empowered with a new sense of wisdom and judgement. Obviously there will also be many exceptions, but ask any war-veteran alive today, and 9 out of 10 times these men will tell you that conflict and struggle taught them essential skills of survival --- a baptism of fire so to speak!

These survival skills, both physical and spiritual, were transferred to their sons and daughters. Other young men returned home to loved ones who had faithfully and patiently waited for their return. Together they started a new family and a new life, based on the principles of love and respect for one another. Their children grew up with the same values, --- not always in total agreement with their parents wishes, but nonetheless, walking a path close enough to God to remain under the shadow of His loving guidance.

Satan must have felt really despondent with this state of affairs, because he was not winning as many souls as his heart desired (not that he has a heart!). His strategy needed to change, and he had to target families more forcefully, and also more cunningly.

A brilliant plan was devised, a plan guaranteed to first con the entire Western World, and then later the inhabitants of Africa. I’ll call this plan “The Liberation Reformation Plan”, but I suppose there are also other names for it. “World War III” is also a good name for it! The basic concept was to trick Western Christians into believing that God was not needed in their lives in order to achieve freedom (liberation). It was the biggest and most ferocious Psychological Operation (PSYOP) ever instigated by satan’s forces on God’s children.

Every possible ‘Western’ media source on earth, as well as experts from various fields, were utilized to bring this plan into operation. It had to be done shrewdly with the utmost caution. It also had to work in such a manner that the souls and minds whom satan had captured, could be utilized to further the cause, creating a replication effect that will increasingly multiply 100 fold, almost by the hour. Work out the maths and see how many souls are won PER DAY by satan, and how many families are destroyed with this technique!

The PSYOP did not focus on one single aspect at a time in any particular sequence, and neither did it exclusively target one specific type of audience either. Every single member of the family were targeted using various techniques. Radio and television were the only two media sources operating from within the home, but this was not enough to destroy a close family unity. The attack on Christian minds needed to be launched from outside the home, so public schools were identified as the ideal location to start a PSYOP on the minds of innocent kids.


The ungodly (and unproven) theory of evolution was implemented in the school curriculum for one purpose only, and that was to plant the notion in our minds that God does not exist, and that the Bible is wrong. By the time many Christian parents objected to this deception and brainwashing of their kids’ minds, it was too late!

Thousands upon thousands of colourfully illustrated school textbooks had already been printed, featuring artistic drawings of how we humans evolved from apes. The very first page in every single textbook began with the words: “Millions and millions of years ago…” Obviously these textbooks omit any reference to God – the true Creator of the entire universe, and all things in it. These textbooks have remained in print and can be found in all public libraries today.

In the Apartheid era in South Africa, for example, teaching evolution in public schools was prohibited, and the majority of religious leaders condemned it. But the satanic forces were relentlessly shrewd and soon had a whole gang of scientists joining forces to promote this untruth as a scientific fact! Today, parents with kids in public schools have absolutely no control what satan teaches them, or who is doing the teaching -- (See the article: Get your kids out of State Schools, come hell or high water!).

(Please take note that I am not implying that all scientists are working to further the cause of the devil. Please be open-minded when reading these words, and please encourage your kids to take interest in scientific matters, -- but teach them the truth!)


Dinosaurs roamed the earth with man a few 1000 years ago in ancient times, but today there is not a man alive to confirm this. Satan saw this as another loophole to destroy all belief in the 6000-year old story of Adam and Eve. The fact that fossils and other evidence of their existence are plentiful, posed no problem for satan, for he was a liar (and a murderer) from the very beginning - (See John 8:44). The lie has now gone so far (supported by misleading scientific evidence), that most people alive today simply accept that dinosaurs must have roamed this planet millions and millions of years ago, because the experts say so! The whole dinosaur-lie was used to further the theory of evolution, and to ultimately ridicule, confuse, and destroy the facts in our Bibles.

It comes as no surprise to me that the comprehensive Wikipedia article on dinosaurs makes no mention of the oldest written description of these creatures, namely: The Holy Bible. I’m also not surprised to see that dinosaurs are becoming older and older by the year. Not too long ago the experts where telling us that they roamed the earth about 160 million years ago, -- now it has been changed to an incredible 230 million years ago, according to the latest Wikipedia article).

The term “dinosaur” is a relatively new English term. It was first used by the English biologist and palaeontologist, Richard Owen, in 1842. In ancient times these huge reptiles were known by other names. In the Book of Job, God calls this creature a behemoth - (Job 40:15). In a number of passages there is reference to another species, -- a fierce dragon-like reptile called a leviathan – (Job 41:1; Psalms 74:14; Psalms 104:26; and Isaiah 27:1). In Psalms 74:14, it mentions that people inhabiting the wilderness used this creature for meat. And no – this creature was not a crocodile, as I have never seen a crocodile blow smoke from its nostrils, or flames from its mouth, -- and I’ve seen plenty of crocs! (See the description in Job 41:19 – 22).

The theory of evolution thus implies that those people in the wilderness (Israelites), who used the leviathan for meat, were in fact 160 million-year old apes!

Those of you who are thinking that any creature which blows smoke from its nostrils and flames from its mouth, must certainly be a mythical beast, are wrong! The explanation is really very simple:

These enormous reptiles grew so huge, because reptiles NEVER stop growing, not even modern-day reptiles. Every living creature, including man, lived much longer back in ancient times. These dragon-like creatures had an abundance of food to feed on, and some species would feed without stopping. Some of these creatures consumed such vast quantities of vegetation that carbonized matter would form in their massive strong bellies, very similar to coal that we use for fuel. Occasionally the matter would ignite in their big bellies, causing the dragons to spew out flames of fire and smoke. These dragon-like beasts roamed this planet with man, and man hunted them down and eventually wiped them out! They were never destroyed by a comet or asteroid millions of years ago as commonly taught.


This is another ungodly operation instigated by no one else but satan himself, with the sole purpose of causing division between men and women, and ultimately breaking the bonds of marriage and family unity. Now I’m not implying that a woman’s place is restricted to the kitchen and the bedroom, and that men should dominate woman. This is but one of the many lies promulgated to change people’s views on the subject. The deception runs far deeper than what meets the eye.

There is no other movement in the history of this world that has negatively impacted on families and relationships as the mass action of the Women’s Liberation Movement. For many years Christian men and various Christian groups tried to defend this wicked onslaught on Christianity, but they were eventually overcome by the forces and might of satan’s wickedness.

Since the 1950’s the feminist movement has grown rapidly into an unstoppable force. In fact, it has gone so far that in many cases the marital roles of husbands and wives have been reversed. Women have become the high-achievers and the breadwinners in the household, and men who have difficulty accepting this have been labelled as domineering control freaks.

One can write a book on the havoc and sweeping social and cultural changes the feminist movement has caused. It has not only gone against God’s Laws of Nature, but has also deliberately misinterpreted, and twisted God’s Word. It has become like an infectious disease spreading from mother to daughter, and their daughters, and eventually infecting the minds of men too. Kids who have grown up with these liberal feminist views often experience difficulties as adults in their relationships with the opposite sex and also with the rearing of their children, --- setting in motion a vicious circle of family destruction.

The gradual growth of the feminist movement, coupled with other campaigns to ‘free’ the mind and remove God from the system, has always been in direct proportion to the escalating rate of divorce statistics in the Western World. It is no wonder that many couples today have absolutely no regard or respect for the holy sacred marriage vows they promised one another, whether it was made in front of witnesses, or not! Many liberated folk who do decide to tie the knot, mutually agree that it is best not have children at all! The end result is that Birth Control is now commonly referred to as “Family Planning’.

The words "birth control" entered the English language in 1914 with the American reformer Margaret Sanger. In 1914 she launched The Woman Rebel, an eight page monthly newsletter promoting contraception, with the slogan "No Gods and No Masters". Source: Wikipedia Now that should give the reader some food for thought!

I will refrain from expressing my views on abortion, - the premeditated murder of babies! Click here to view the article – Abortion is Murder.


New Bible translations, such as the “New International Version” corrupted the truth by omitting vital keywords and in some cases ENTIRE SENTENCES, resulting in a total misinterpretation of the original message.

Many so-called ‘liberated’ woman will argue that they do not agree with biblical text concerning marriage or relationships, because the Bible commands them to be submissive. They don’t like being submissive to anyone, and definitely not males. Their hostile attitude towards this one single issue has caused them not to trust anything written in the Bible, hence their reason why they refuse to even touch the Holy Book.

It saddens me to think how satan has horribly mislead these woman. Nowhere in my Bible (1611 King James Version) does it say that a woman must be submissive to her husband, in the same manner a good dog must be submissive to its master. The relevant text states:

“Wives, submit yourselves unto YOUR OWN HUSBANDS, as unto the Lord.” – (Ephesians 5:22) and “Wives, submit yourselves unto YOUR OWN HUSBANDS, as it is fit in the Lord.” – (Colossians 3:18).

The messages are thus advising wives to respect THE LORD’S wishes to remain faithful to their OWN husbands, and not to commit adultery with other men, -- a well-founded and crucial warning, if you consider what damage adultery can do to a marriage.

The New International Version conveniently omitted all reference to OWN husbands! The NIV Version and many other modern translations, which corrupted the true message, reads as follows:

Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. – (Ephesians 5:22 – Corrupted!)
Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. – (Colossians 3:18 – Corrupted!)

Can you spot the cunning deception?

This is but one example. There are numerous other examples of how translators and scribes corrupted the truth in our Bibles. (I will provide a link below where readers can research this issue in their own time.)

For the record, I’ll include one more shocking example of deliberate fraud in newer Bible versions:
ACTS 8: 37 (KJV)
And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

The ENTIRE VERSE above has been OMITTED in the New International Version as well as other modern versions!

Visit to compare the King James Version of the Bible to other modern versions.

Christians may also benefit from reading the explanations provided at


This is probably one of satan’s oldest ploys, going way back to the days of Noah when the first vineyards were planted. I will not elaborate too much on this aspect in this posting, as I believe it is almost common knowledge that drugs such as nicotine, alcohol, and numerous other substances of abuse have wrecked many lives, relationships, and countless marriages.

Alcohol addiction among men in particular, and the consequent negative effect it has on a man’s behaviour, gave women the required ammunition they needed to further the cause of the Women’s Liberation Movement. The misconduct of these men (who were in the minority – by the way) led to the implementation of various laws to control behaviour, and to protect woman and children. The Domestic (Family) Violence Act and Firearms Control Act are two prime examples. The Domestic Violence Act with its broad definition of what exactly entails “abuse”, coupled with the fact that a man can be thrown in jail for the most trivial transgressions, has torn many families apart, worldwide! Read the eye-opening article: 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM – A WORTHLESS AND DESTRUCTIVE CAUSE!


The vast majority of families on Earth fall in the poor to middle-class income groups. Families in these categories, who live in the Western world, battle with the issue of financial pressure almost on a daily basis. For millions of people the soul-destroying battle begins the very moment the alarm clock goes off in the morning, to remind them that another day of work has arrived. Families tasked with the responsibility of rearing kids are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the pace, -- that nasty trap created by satan to wreck our lives!

Sadly, it is the folk in the poor to middle-class income groups that are the main addicts and substance abusers in the Western world. They will not hesitate to spend more than 50 percent of their hard-earned income to support their addictions. The best interests of the child and families are last on their list of priorities! Cigarettes, alcohol, and entertainment (which includes sport) are their main priorities, -- more or less in that order!

For more info and discussion on this aspect, view my article The Root of all Evil.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil:
which while some coveted after, the have erred from the faith,
and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

(I Timothy 6:10)

That more or less sums up the strategy employed by satan to destroy Christian families! Besides scriptural references, the facts I’ve provided here come entirely from my own thoughts and from my own experiences in life, but obviously there will also be similar facts mirrored on other websites and blogs, which may have influenced my line of thought. It is near impossible to reference all these sources, and also pointless, as Google already does a great job of listing the data.

God Bless you, your families and all your loved ones!


Ravensqarr said...

Although there is a few points to be debated in this post, I have only one applicable question. In the paragraph "Woman's Liberation Movement" you state "Many liberated folk who do decide to tie the knot, mutually agree that it is best not have children at all! The end result is that Birth Control is now commonly referred to as “Family Planning’." Are you referring to abortion, prophylactics or pre-emptive sterilisation? And what is the problem with not having children?

Tia Mysoa said...

@ Ravensqarr,

The paragraph you’re referring was shortened for purposes of this posting. Much more could have been said between the gap as pointed out here>> -- “..not have children at all!” –-GAP-- “The end result is..”.

But, yes you are correct in assuming that I was referring to abortion. Bear in mind that the target audience in this respect is Black Africa, and not the modernized West. In Africa, even in the modern cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, the abortion clinics are called Family Planning Clinics.

There is no problem whatsoever with not having children, and taking the necessary safe precautions to prevent conception. However, there’s an ever-increasing number of young adults, with no Christian upbringing whatsoever, who murder their kids before they are born… simply because they’re not ready for a family yet. Now that is WRONG in my eyes!

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