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This posting reveals a correlation between current genocide statistics and the persecution of Christians. The data provided here is based on a recent report (created on 22 April 2010) compiled by Genocide Watch. The report deals with the current Countries at Risk of Genocide, Politicide, or Mass Atrocities. For purposes of this posting I am only going to deal with the African countries on the list. The full Genocide Watch report can be downloaded here. (471KB MSWord Format)

The data concerning persecuted Christians, which I’ve integrated with the info provided by Genocide Watch, was obtained chiefly from two online sources: namely, and (also known as The Voice of the Martyrs-VOM) is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. The organization was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ. His wife, Sabina, was imprisoned for 3 years. Richard Wurmbrand wrote 18 books in English and others in Romanian. His best-known book entitled Tortured for Christ, was released in 1967. His wife Sabina died on 11 August 2000. Richard Wurmbrand died on 17 February 2001 in a hospital in Torrance, California. More info regarding Richard Wurmbrand’s remarkable life can be viewed on Wikipedia. (also known as International Christian Concern-ICC), is a non-profit and interdenominational human rights organization dedicated to assisting and sustaining Christians who are victims of persecution and discrimination due to practicing their faith. The organization has been operating since 1995.

Although religion in Africa is multifaceted and complex, most Africans adhere to either Christianity or Islam.

Both religions are widespread throughout Africa, and both are often adapted to African cultural contexts and indigenous belief systems. According to an estimate in 2002, Christians form 45% of Africa's population while Muslims (Islam) form 40%.

The map of Africa on the right, shows the major religions distributed as of today. The map shows only the religion as a whole excluding denominations or sects of the religions, and is coloured by how the religions are distributed, and not by main religion of country, etc. I have modified the colours slightly in this map, and have also added the African countries for easy reference. The original map can be viewed here.

An obvious phenomenon on this map is that Islam dominates the northern regions, and cuts through several African countries such as Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, and Ethiopia. The map also displays how Islamic influence in East Africa is surging downwards towards the south, where it has dissected Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (I John 4:1 KJV)

Verse 3 in the same passage (I John 4:3 KJV) reads:
And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh IS NOT OF GOD: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

Now before I continue with this posting I must stress that I have no quibble with Muslim folk who worship Allah, --- for they are not the only ones worshiping a false god. I happen to be acquainted with a number of church-going Christians who worship a whole range of false gods, from alcohol to woman, sports, their cars, -- you name it! Some do it without even realizing it, -- and that includes myself! (I should really start thinking about spending less time on my computer).

Many Muslims have come to their senses and have finally realised that their false god was a product of a delusional man in the desert, inspired by the unholy evil spirit of satan, some six-hundred years AFTER Jesus Christ fulfilled Old Testament prophecy. Some Muslims have taken a lifetime to realize that their ‘holy’ Koran, is nothing more than a cheap counterfeit of the Hebrew Old Testament. My experience is that Muslims who eventually convert to Christianity become sincere and dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Their behaviour often becomes an exceptional example, and an inspiration for many ‘older’ Christians!

This posting is not going to attack the religion of Islam, but it does expose that Islamic Radical Groups have become a major source of concern, not only in Africa but worldwide. The data supplied by Genocide Watch confirms this, and my own observations have also revealed that not only Christians - but Muslims and other religious factions have also become the victims. In keeping with the theme of this blog I will concentrate only on the Christian dilemma in Africa.

In the tables I’ve compiled below, from the original April 2010 Genocide Watch Report, my own additions are in brackets in italic. The red-coloured cells indicate regions of Christian persecution. Take note that the info provided by Genocide Watch in these tables reflect the CURRENT SITUATION for APRIL 2010. However, I have flagged Angola, for example, with a red colour because Christian persecution (and extermination) in fact already started way back in the early 1970’s.

I have also flagged my own home country, South Africa, with red because I am 100% convinced that the 3000-plus farmers (Boers) who have been murdered since 1994 were all Christian, -- every single one of them! The Marxist/Communist-stimulated Government in South Africa have already progressed to stage eight (DENIAL) in the 8-stage process of classification adopted by Genocide Watch. According to Genocide Watch, DENIAL is the final stage in the genocide process. However, they also mention that all 8 stages can continue to operate throughout the process. This is exactly what is happening in South Africa at present, ---- the evidence is scattered all over the place, --- but the ANC Government, assisted by the liberal-minded Main Stream Media (MSM) remain in wilful denial!

The 8-stage process of classification adopted by Genocide Watch was compiled by Gregory H. Stanton, and was originally presented as a briefing paper at the US State Department in 1996. The paper can be viewed online here.


If the table does not display correctly on your screen, click on table for an enhanced view.

I will now briefly deal with the countries in TABLE 1 that I have flagged with a red colour: namely, Algeria, Angola, Egypt, and South Africa.


Algeria has suffered from both internal and external war for nearly half a century. Ethnic minority Berbers have long been agitating for autonomy. Activity by extremist militants continue.

An era of relative liberty to practice Christianity ended in 2006. A new law was passed stating that house churches were not permitted. The law, ordered by the nation’s court, is an effort to stop evangelism and church growth in Algeria. Even churches with licenses had to stop meeting. One contact reported their church stopped meeting briefly, seeking God’s desire for their church. But they decided to resume meeting and face any consequences. The police came many times to threaten the church, but the believer reported that gathering together melted their fear and renewed their courage. Source:


In the late 1970s, the Cuban-backed MPLA persecuted Christians in Angola, causing many of them to flee to UNITA-controlled Christian south-eastern Angola.

An article posted on 17 January 2000 on WorldNetDaily reports, among others, that Christians in Southern Angola are enduring the extreme trials of suffering as the Communist Angolan government -- the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola -- is making an all-out military assault on the Cuando Cubango province. This article provides an insightful account of the persecution of Christians in this region, and explains why South African troops back then supported the anti-communist Christian movement, UNITA. The immoral role played by the De Beers corporation, and their secret diamond deals with the Soviet Union is also mentioned in this article. Click here to view the entire article, “A tragedy in Angola”.


Egyptian Christians continue to face violence from Muslim radicals. Government officials have repeatedly failed to protect the persecuted Christians. lists the following recent news articles on their website:

28 April, 2010 -- Egypt: Lack of Political Participation for Christians, Women

27 April, 2010 -- Egyptian Christians Protest Judicial Ploy

27 April, 2010 -- House Members Press White House to Confront Egypt on Forced Marriages

27 April, 2010 -- 'We Refuse to Be Muslims By Force' Say Egyptian Christian Twin-Boys After Losing Court Case

26 April, 2010 -- Lawyers of Christmas Eve Murder Victims Request Change of Judge in Egypt

26 April, 2010 -- The Hidden Martyrs Of Egypt

21 April, 2010 -- US Lawmakers Urge State Department to Address Forced Marriage, Conversion of Coptic Girls

20 April, 2010 -- Muslim Egyptian Girl Who Converted to Christianity Subjected to Acid Attack

19 April, 2010 -- Scandal in Egyptian Court to Acquit Suspects of Christian Murders

18 April, 2010 -- The Solution For The Coptic Situation

15 April, 2010 -- Christian Hate Speech in Egypt

12 April, 2010 -- Egyptian Christian Framed in Sexual Assault Case

3 April, 2010 -- Egypt tightens church security ahead of Easter


Genocide Watch has listed the victims at risk of genocide at the hands of “Black Racists” at stage 5 (polarization) since 2002. However, it is important to note that Genocide Watch acknowledges the fact that the 8-stage process is not linear, and later stages can be preceded by earlier stages. There is no doubt that all 8 stages have continued to operate throughout the entire South African genocide process, and that the process already began before the first democratic elections in April 1994. This is a complex issue that rightly deserves a whole series of separate postings that cover all the facts.

As already stated above, I am totally convinced that the 3000-plus farmers (Boers) who have been murdered since 1994 were all Christians. Whether their murderers were aware of this fact or not is besides the point, because whoever committed these atrocities had the evil unholy spirit of satan in their veins.

The South African killings are being diligently monitored by several private individuals and groups. At this point in time the most notable are: and afrikaner-genocide-achives

The following links related to news articles concerning the South African situation were obtained from the Genocide Watch website at this link. Take note: All these links open seperate MSWord Documents.

23 April 2010 "Protest over 'genocide' in SA," by South African Press Association (SAPA)

20 April 2010 "ANC will not discipline Malema," by Reuters

17 April 2010 "Gang attack family, dad killed," by South African Press Association (SAPA)

16 April 2010 "Press Release on the Ramifications of the Killing of Eugene Terre'Blanche," by the South African Institute of Race Relations

4 April 2010 "Malema lauds Mugabe, says SA will copy Zimbabwe's land seizures," by Sunday Times

11 March 2010 "ANC defends 'Kill the Boer' song," by South African Press Association (SAPA)


If the table does not display correctly on your screen, click on table for an enhanced view.

I will now briefly deal with the two countries in TABLE 2 that I have flagged with a red colour: namely, Central African Republic (CAR), and Nigeria.


This land-locked country located in central Africa borders Chad in the north, Sudan in the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo in the south, and Cameroon in the west.

The initial arrival of Muslim traders in the early 1800s was relatively peaceful and depended upon the support of local peoples, but 50 years later, slave traders with well-armed soldiers began to penetrate the region. Between 1860 and 1910, slave traders from Sudan, Chad, Cameroon, Dar al-Kuti in Northern CAR and Nzakara and Zande states in Southeastern CAR exported much of the population of Eastern CAR, a region with very few inhabitants today. Christians form 50 percent of the population, while 35 percent of the population maintain Indigenous beliefs. Islam is practiced by approximately 15 percent of the country's population. A variety of missionary groups operate in the country, including Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Grace Brethren, and Jehovah's Witnesses. Source: Central African Republic (Wikipedia)

Genocide Watch (April 2010) attributes Arab militias as the cause of genocide-type hostilities in this region, and African farmers as the victims. Cotton, coffee, and tobacco make up a major proportion of exports, grown by about 80 percent of the population. – Source: www

It would appear that the overwhelming majority of these farmers are Christian. According to information provided by, which claims to be unbiased, factual, and accurate, Southern Chad, (bordering Northern CAR), is a fertile, rain-drenched valley where CHRISTIAN FARMERS live a sedentary life.


Nigeria is consumed by greed and corruption at all levels of the country’s government, creating an atmosphere of discrimination. In northern Nigeria, Islam has been given preferential treatment over Christianity. Shariah law is in place in 12 of northern Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim states.

Religious riots are common in northern Nigeria. Churches, Christian schools, homes and businesses are burned and destroyed by angry rioters during these outbreaks of violence. In February 2009, numerous Christians were killed and more than 500 people were displaced during violence against believers in Bauchi state. Twelve people were also killed and 20 churches were burned in July 2009 when members of an Islamic sect rioted in order to have Shariah law enacted throughout Nigeria. In some cases, young women are kidnapped, compelled to convert to Islam and forcibly married to Muslim men. The kidnappers are then protected by Shariah courts. Source:

See also the article, “15 Nigerian Christian Farmers killed by Islamic Imperialists”.
A very graphic “Wakeup Call” can be viewed at this link. WARNING THE LINK TAKES YOU TO A GRUESOME PICTURE - NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS!


Although I haven’t flagged Chad as a country where Christian persecution is taking place, it is worthwhile mentioning (briefly) what the current situation is in this country, because it is rather obvious that the evil spirit of Cain has a foothold in that region.

Chad is a religiously diverse country. The 1993 census found that 54% of Chadians were Muslim, 20 percent Roman Catholic, 14 percent Protestant, 10 percent animist, and 3% atheist.

Genocide Watch (April 2010) attributes Sudanese raiders as the cause of genocide-type hostilities in this region, and ‘Zaghawas’ as the victims. The government of Chad declared a state of war with Sudan, which officially started on 23 December 2005.

The Zaghawa are an ethnic group or tribe, mainly living in eastern Chad and western Sudan, including the Darfur province of Sudan. While they are not very powerful in Sudan, they politically dominate Chad, and are also among the richest and most influential people of Chad.

In the 1940s, the Zaghawa began to turn to Islam from Animism en masse. (Animism is a religious or spiritual idea that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, rocks, natural phenomena such as thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment). Source: Chad on Wikipedia


If the table does not display correctly on your screen, click on table for an enhanced view.

I will now briefly deal with the three countries in TABLE 3 that I have flagged with a red colour: namely, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan.


Ethiopia installed a Marxist-like government after a revolution in 1974. The regime persecuted Christians and allowed the Islamic movement to strengthen. Since this iron-fisted rule ended in 1991, the freedom to worship and evangelize has increased greatly. Recently, however, Muslims have begun massive campaigns to Islamize Ethiopia by penetrating Christian areas with bribes and mosque-building programs.

in Ethiopia, Orthodox Church members harass evangelical Christians. In one case, the body of a Christian baby boy was dug up in the middle of the night and placed on the steps of the evangelical church. The local Orthodox church would not allow the body of the boy to be buried on their church grounds. In addition, young people who receive Christ are sometimes driven from their Orthodox families. In another incident, a man lost his teaching job at a government school after converting to Christianity. Source:


Somalia has experienced continuous conflict for more than a decade. A transitional government maintains loose control over the capital, Mogadishu. Christians fear that the rise of radical Islam will lead to Shariah law and greater persecution. Islam is the official religion, and there is no official religious freedom. Article 5 of the Somali constitution states: “Promotion of any religion in the territory of Somaliland other than Islam is prohibited. The laws of the nation shall be grounded on, and shall not be valid, if they are contrary to Islamic Shariah.”

Just one percent of Somalis are Christians — most are secret believers. It is difficult to know the exact number of underground churches. Islamic radicals, who have vowed to wipe out all Somali Christians, have murdered many. Persecution has intensified in the past 15 years. Persecutors are family members, clan members, Islamist extremists and local administrators. Distribution of the Somali Bible is possible only in refugee camps and outside the country. On Aug. 24, 2009, members of the Islamic militant group al Shabaab killed Ahmed Matan, a recent convert from Islam, near the Kenyan border. Other reports of violence against Christians in Somalia include the February 2009 beheading of two sons of a Christian leader and the videotaped November 2008 beheading of a 25-year-old convert to Christianity. Al Shabaab militia shot to death 46-year-old Mariam Muhina Hussein on Sept. 28 in Marerey village after discovering she had six Bibles. She was the leader of an underground church. Source:


Sudan is Africa’s largest country. Since 1983, about 2.5 million people have been killed through war and genocide, and 4 million more have been displaced. A separate conflict broke out in 2003 in Darfur, where UN peacekeeping troops struggle to maintain stability. The conflict is spreading throughout the region to neighbouring countries. A referendum will be taken in 2011 to decide whether southern Sudan will secede. Currently, the northern armies cause disruption in the south through attacks along the southern border, tribal conflicts and abductions along northern borders. The north hopes the turbulence will make the south too unstable for the 2011 referendum to take place.

Thirty years of persecution has not stopped the growth of the Sudanese church. Most expatriate missionaries have left, but national leaders remain committed to evangelism. Life continues to be difficult as the country struggles for stability, but pastors are begging for Bibles and Christian training items rather than material aid. Today the great needs in southern Sudan are to build up the faith of new Christians, to help young and old recover from traumatic experiences and to provide a strong Christian foundation for believers. Source: reports that the government supports Islam by providing funds for construction of mosques throughout the north. Coversion from Islam to another religion is punishable by imprisonment and even death in the north. Under the state-mandated curriculum, all schools in the north are required to teach Islamic education from preschool through university. There is considerable social pressure on non-Muslims in the north to convert to Islam. Many southern Christians living in the north are economic migrants, and due to many factors, they suffer from social, educational, and job discrimination.


(I John 4:3 KJV)

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