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BE MEN, AND NOT WHIMPS! – Angus Buchan

This posting was inspired after reading remarks made by one of the commentators on a popular 'pro-white' South African blog, that professes to chronicle, among other things, the decline of a crime ravaged South Africa. How ironical is this? The commentator labels Christian men as "whimps", --- but this morning when I read the news and noticed what Angus Buchan (a popular South African preacher) had to say about whimps, I simply had to post this!

The blog-post in question concerned the recent attack on a family on a smallholding at Dalmada, outside Polokwane in the Limpopo province of South Africa where a man was beaten to death while his wife was gang-raped and their four-year-old daughter seriously assaulted in the early hours of Saturday morning, -- 17 April 2010. According to news reports, a gang of 15 savages were involved in the attack. The press report can be viewed here.

The commentator was obviously referring to the recent 2010 Mighty Men conference held on the Shalom Farm in Greytown, from 16 to 18 April, when he made the following distasteful remark:

“While this and many more is going on the S.A. whites are praying for their Heavenly Father to deliver them from their sins. What a bunch of whimps. The day the bullets start flying, will they go down on their knees asking for lighting and thunder to strike from heaven and ask for a smoke break from the enemy? This nation has gone degenerate.”

I responded with the following comment:

“So you say these Mighty Men are a bunch of wimps. Oh really now! You have obviously never attended one of these conferences, and haven’t seen the type of man that’s involved in this major effort to unite the men of this “degenerate” nation. These men are tough as nails and when (and if) all hell breaks loose, these are the men you’ll see aiming rifles at the enemy. Where will you be when (and if) that happens? Sitting on your keyboard I suppose. Do yourself a favour and have a good look at the pictures taken at these conferences. You’ll notice a sea of white men. At this year’s conference there will be many men from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Your offensive comments have shown your true colours!”

My comment was posted yesterday (16 April), but is still awaiting moderation!

I will refrain from providing the direct link to that blog, for the sake of upholding the concept of so-called “free speech” in this country, and for keeping the peace among the South African blogging community. However, --- I am becoming more and more frustrated with South African blogs who speak with a spitting forked tongue, and who openly attack Christians.

Here is the Afrikaans article pertaining to the 2010 “Mighty Men” conference:

Wees manne, nié sissies – Angus Buchan

Rapport berig deur Johannes de Villiers en Henry Cloete

Angus Buchan het hier by die Mighty Men-saamtrek gepraat oor die vrees vir die land se toekoms. “Moenie van Suid-Afrika weghardloop nie!” het hy drie keer gebulder. “Jou probleme gaan jou volg waar jy ook al gaan. Daar is ook bang mense in Australië!”

Die magtige manne bulder na verwagting vandag hul laaste amen op Angus Buchan se plaas.

Die opkoms by die Mighty Men-saamtrek is veel laer as die 400 000 waarvoor Buchan gehoop het (ramings wissel van 200 000 tot 300 000), maar tog het mans sedert Vrydag vir oulaas hier byeengekom om ywerig te luister hoe Buchan hulle aanmoedig om in die land en hul huishoudings leiding te verskaf.

Dit is die laaste Mighty Men-saamtrek op die plaas.

Buchan het mans aangemoedig om “wagters vir die huis” te wees deur wag te staan teen die sonde.

Hy het gepraat oor die vrees vir die land se toekoms. “Moenie van Suid-Afrika weghardloop nie!” het hy drie keer gebulder. “Jou probleme gaan jou volg waar jy ook al gaan. Daar is ook bang mense in Australië!”

Buchan was nostalgies oor die afgelope sewe jaar en die impak daarvan op mans. “Toe ek sewe jaar terug begin het, het mense my gevra ‘Vir wat noem jy dit Míghty Men? Ons dog dan Christene moet nederig wees?’ Ek het gesê ons ís nederig, maar ons is magtig in God. Ons moet ons skouers teruggooi, ons bors uitstoot en trots in God wandel.”

Buchan het ’n paar keer gesê mans moet “ware mans” eerder as “patete” (whimps) of “sissies” wees. Hy het mans aangemoedig om meer soos Elia te wees. “Elia was nie ’n sissie nie! Hy was ’n harige man met ’n leerbelt!”

Al sou dit beslis die laaste Mighty Men-saamtrek op sy plaas wees, het hy geskimp hy sou teen die einde van die naweek ’n verrassende aankondiging in dié verband doen. Daar gaan ook provinsiale en oorsese opvolgbyeenkomste wees.

Hoewel Buchan by verlede jaar se saamtrek in duie gestort het, het sy gesondheid gisteraand nog gehou. Hy het weer tydens dienste rondgetrippel en op die verhoog opstote gedoen. Die naaste aan ’n ongeval was ’n konferensieganger wat Vrydagaand kort voor Buchan se verhoogoptrede ’n hartaanval gekry het, maar ook hy het oorleef.

Mans op die plaas was vol lof vir die Mighty Men-saamtrekke se nalatenskap, maar elders was daar meer gemengde gevoelens.

Prof. Julian Müller, teoloog van die Universiteit van Pretoria, begryp gelowiges se behoefte aan ’n pelgrimstog wat ’n “gevoel van sekerheid in onsekere tye gee”.

“Die probleem is dat daar ook negatiewe elemente ingesluip het. Die Mighty Men-beweging het nie verantwoordelike Skrifgebruik bevorder nie. Die Bybel is sonder verantwoordelike interpretasie gebruik.

“En die hele idee van ‘mighty’ pas nie by die evangelie van Christus nie. Die saamtrekke het veral in die verhouding tussen man en vrou ’n godsdienstige fondament aan ongelykheid gegee.”

Die digter Lina Spies, wat Buchan al in rubrieke gekritiseer het, het gesê sy verset haar steeds teen sy teologie, want “hy verkondig die onderdanigheid van die vrou asof dit die kern van die evangelie is. Jesus het voortdurend grense oorskry: tussen Jode en Samaritane, én tussen man en vrou.”

Bron: Rapport

Foto: Brendan Croft, Foto 24

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Angus Buchan is a straight-talking South African farmer of Scottish extraction. His abrupt conversion startled the friends of this explosive, hard-drinking man. Angus's bold faith has carried him through droughts, family tragedies, and financial crisis. He has seen wonderful miracles of provision and healing. In obedience to God's call he started preaching, which led into a healing ministry. He has also set up an AIDS orphanage and a 500-seat auditorium on his land. Still a farmer, he is now an international evangelist, traveling through Africa in a refitted yellow fire engine, and filling the largest venues in South Africa. Faith Like Potatoes has now been made into a feature film distributed in North America by Sony, and this new film edition of the book includes colour stills from the film.


chironga said...

I would like to thank Baba Angus for this amazing work he has done for the past 7 years, I'm afican man of God(Black) to make it easy for you.This has been an Amazing exp for me, I have so much respect for all white male who i meet on this camp and u have changed me& my life how i will always view white people from now.Everyone who looked at me just smiled and showed grateful that i was among the mighty man of God. Now as a Zim born i would like to take this kind of spirit back home and see our country back to where it was, As i was on the farm it all reminded me of the Golden days when we used to have fruitful farmers in Zim and only the God will and soon take us all back there again.

chironga said...

What need to be done now is run with the vision and invite more South African black man, This is what Jesus did he preched the massage to all man kinds ,for South africa to think alike we need to involve all.I was at the conference so i will influance all my friend and people i work with at the end one person will be saved from crime or any other sill stuff at the same torken , one life has been saved

Tia Mysoa said...

Greeting Chironga,

Thank you for your optimistic comments on this posting. Zimbabweans need to start listening to the right advice, and not the satanic slurs of a mad godless men like Mugabe, Malema, and all those who are intend on destroying lives.

Good luck with your accomplishments in Zim. Please keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

You said:

These men are tough as nails and when (and if) all hell breaks loose, these are the men you’ll see aiming rifles at the enemy.

Please man, they don't even know who the enemy is.
they are praying with the enemy!! As for a sea of white men, the picture above is not all white men, look closer.

wake up and don't fall for smooth words and kind appearances.

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