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A considerable number of people living on the African continent have, at some stage of their lives, suffered various forms of extreme hardship. Slavery, warfare, famine, government corruption, uncontrollable crime, AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases, -- just to mention a few, have haunted the continent for decades, and has plunged many African countries into a state of unrepairable decay. Colonialism by Christian Europeans have largely taken the brunt of the blame, but yet no amount of foreign legal-aid and other forms of guilt-ridden relief offered by the Whiteman seems to be making Africa’s people any richer or any wiser. This posting will attempt to answer the question, why?

For some reason the black people of Africa seem to have a sound association with the Chinese. This fact has always puzzled me, and it has got me thinking that maybe there is a very close ancestral link between the nations of Africa and the nations of the East. This posting will also reveal that there is truth in this.

I believe my previous posting in this series has sufficiently conveyed the message that there were two separate creation events on this planet, and that the black races of Africa have been on this earth thousands of years before God formed the first Whiteman. For those who have difficulty understanding this hypothesis, I suggest you seriously reconsider this possibility. Also, ask yourself the question why these facts are being hidden from worldview and why, when it gets mentioned and aligned with biblical facts, it is often vigorously opposed and ridiculed?

At this point I must again emphasize that I am not attacking a specific race of people in this posting, and nor am I suggesting that one specific race is far more superior than another. The information I’ll be presenting here will show that at a certain point in time (more or less 6000 years ago), an unusual being by the name of “Cain” injected a stream of superior intelligence into the human race. This marvellous intelligence boosted mankind’s progress to unbelievable heights, but it came with a price, -- a very wicked, bloody, and gory one!

Most Christians I know do not accept the two-creation theory, despite the fact that the evidence is there for all to see in the Book of Genesis. If I have to tell these same Christians that centuries before Abraham was born (about 2000 BC), Babylonia was full of libraries, and schools with teachers and pupils, and poets and prose writers, and of literary works which they had composed, --- they will think I’m nuts!

Once again, for purposes of clarity I feel it is necessary to start way back from the very beginning, --- but bear with me, for I believe that it is sometimes worthwhile to linger in the history of the ancient past, in order to understand why we live in a state of frightened peace among modern-day savages, -- some whom you’ll often find wearing fancy suits and ties.


The creation of the ancient Adamic race was accompanied by the formation of dark rain clouds that gathered in the heavens. It must have truly been a fearful time for the dark-skinned pre-Adamites way back in those ancient days, --- considering that this strange occurrence was also accompanied by unfamiliar angry voices speaking from the heavens in the form of thunder and lightning.

“… for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.” – (Genesis 2: 5). Before the arrival of the new Adamic white race, the earth was watered by a mist that came up from the ground – (Genesis 2: 6).

The ancient black races must have treated this strange new species of man with extreme suspicion and fearful caution. It is thus highly unlikely that, before Cain’s banishment from the Adamite community, they made little or no attempt to associate with those first pale-skinned beings who seemed to have appeared from nowhere.


A few years later, when Cain was banished from Eden, and was forced to settle among the pre-Adamite black races who had migrated from Africa to Asia, they had no idea whatsoever that they were allowing the son of Satan, a yellow coward, --- a highly intelligent fugitive and a vagabond, to infiltrate and infect their species. There is no doubt that Cain utilized his superior qualities, --- extraordinary traits he had inherited from his father, Satan, and earthly mother Eve, to astound and amaze his newly adopted family.

It did not take too long for Cain to achieve godly status among the pre-Adamite folk in those ancient times. Before long Cain’s wizardry had lured thousands of pre-Adamite ‘Africans’ to willingly serve him and his appointed masters as slaves. Cities such as Enoch and many others could only have been built by slave labour. (According to Jewish history, Cain built and founded seven cities). Likewise, the rapid development of the so-called Sumerian civilization which arose in the fertile Tigris-Euphrates river valley - (modern-day Southern Iraq), could only have been achieved by a large workforce of slaves who were supervised by masters of the various trades.

While the black slaves were being utilized for the making of bricks and morter to build cities and also as labourers on the fields to till the soil and grow food for the ever-growing number of inhabitants in that region, Cain was busy developing a new religion and a new system of education, which laid the foundations for the civilized world’s economy, science, politics, architecture, and art. In so doing he also wove a fine thread of treachery into the entire system, with the distorted names of many false “Sumerian” gods which he associated with, among others, his mother Eve, his murdered brother Abel, his father Satan, Eve’s husband Adam, and later also himself. He deliberately created corrupt forms of these divine beings (for he was incapable of telling the truth) and planted them in the minds of men in an act of revenge against our one-and-only Supreme God, -- Creator of the entire Universe.

For a civilization to flourish so rapidly and to survive for 3000 years there had to be someone who took charge of matters, --- someone with superior intelligence far more superior and far more advanced than the pre-Adamite species of that time. That extraordinary individual was no other than the satan-child Cain.


The twist in the tale usually comes at the end of a story, but I might as well say it now: The twist in the tale is that Cain’s endeavours were being supervised by the Supreme Creator, who at the time of Cain’s banishment gave him some form of protection. God also proclaimed:

“Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” – (Genesis 4: 15).

There is thus no doubt in my mind that God, at the dawn of civilization, utilized Cain’s superhuman intelligence for the long-term benefit and progress of all humanity. I may be wrong, but it seems as if part of God’s plan with mankind was to delay progress at various intervals, and to give man time to contemplate and learn from past errors, past deceptions, and past wars. It is regrettable that so much blood had to flow, BUT by what other means does one write the law into the hearts and minds of men, than by instruction through trial and error, and also -- bloodshed?

“This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.” – (Hebrews 10: 16-17)

Let’s continue where I left off…

The ancient city of Babylon, where the Tower of Babel was built, in the present-day Babil province of Iraq was the capital of the Old Kingdom of Babylonia. In ancient times the region was called “The land of Shinar”. (Later the Greeks referred to this region as “Mesopotamia”). The province of Babil lies more-or-less in the centre of Iraq and is situated on the Euphrates River south of the modern-day city called Baghdad.

The Hebrew version of the name of the city and the tower, Babel, is attributed in Genesis 11: 9 to the verb ‘balal’, which in Hebrew means to confuse or confound. In Part 2 of this series I briefly touched on the topic of the Tower of Babel, and pointed out that the Bible (Genesis 11:1-9) tells us that these people who built the city and the tower in that region originally came FROM THE EAST, -- the same region where Cain dwelt after he was banished from Eden – (Genesis 4: 16).

The Bible is very specific about the direction from where these people came, and also the exact spot on earth where the enormous tower was built. It was never totally destroyed and its ruins (the base) are associated with the Great Ziggurat of Babylon - Etemenanki (Al-Hillah), which is visible on Google Earth.

The mountains of Ararat were Noah’s ark landed (according to Genesis 8: 4) is due north from the Land of Shinar (Babylon). It is logical to assume that Noah and his family would have settled in that vicinity or in a suitable region very close to where the ark came to rest. In modern times this region would be either Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, or even Syria --- all located North or slightly North-West from the ancient Land of Shinar, and NOT EAST!

Beyond these regions further north we find the Caucasus Mountains where the Caucasoid-Aryan or “European” races are said to have settled at some point in ancient times. Africa lies South-West of Babylon and NOT EAST, so who were these strangers from the East who settled in the Land of Shinar with intentions to tarnish God’s name and to make a big name for themselves in the process?

It could only have been Cain and his new family, -- a new breed of man, a Mongolian race of beings whose existence could only have come about when Cain’s seed mixed with the black-skinned pre-Adamite races from God’s first creation, and later with Adam’s fair daughters. This may sound preposterous and improbable, but once you’ve read the rest of this posting you’ll see why the earliest and most wicked savages of Asia were white and yellow-skinned barbarians, and why the picture painted here is not as illogical as it may seem at first sight.


According to Wikipedia, Sargon is the first individual in recorded history to create a multiethnic, centrally ruled empire. They state that his dynasty controlled Mesopotamia for around a century and a half, but in reality his dynasty may have ruled longer.

The earliest source to mention Babylon may be a dated tablet of the reign of Sargon of Akkad. The so-called "Weidner Chronicle" states that it was Sargon himself who built Babylon. Source

A short but yet well documented book called “Sargon The Magnificent”, written in 1927 by Mrs Sydney Bristowe, illustrates the possibility that King Sargon of Babylon was in reality the Cain of Genesis. The author utilizes evidence from works by leading Assyriologists and from Babylonian inscriptions and drawings in support of her identification of Sargon of Akkad with the biblical individual called “Cain”. The author also gives evidence and reason that Ham, Nimrod's grandfather, married Naamah, who was Cain's only named female descendant. – (Genesis 4: 22).

Allow me to quote the following two extracts from Mrs Bristowe’s book, just to give a small taste of what her interpretations are all about:

PG 5:
“It is taught, sometimes even by the clergy, that the Old Testament stories owe their origin to the pagan traditions of Babylonia, but my object is to show that the beliefs and institutions of ancient Babylonia, and of other lands as well, confirm the historical truth of the Bible instead of discrediting it. I maintain that unless we accept its stories as true history we are, although ever learning... never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

PG 12:
“…. there is ample evidence in the Babylonian inscriptions, if my new interpretation of them is accepted, to prove that the other stream of knowledge was taken into Babylonia by none other than Cain, that it there became obscured by the system of fables and myths now known as mythology, and that it was Cain who originated that system by establishing the first false gods. If this new interpretation is accepted we have substantial evidence that one of the earliest Biblical characters played a prominent part in the secular history of the ancient world, and we can reject the assertions that the first chapters of Genesis were derived from Babylonian myths. Like the pieces of a picture puzzle the evidence lies before us - waiting to be put together. Excavators and deciphers have provided the pieces of the puzzle, but it is for us to make the picture.”

I will briefly accentuate some of the main issues discussed in this book, but it would be advisable to read the entire book in your own time and at your own pace in order to absorb the enormous implication of Cain’s ‘superhuman’ influence on humanity worldwide back in ancient times. If you can comprehend these facts you will realize why Christians, throughout the ages and also now in modern times, have always been under attack from all angles and all directions. The facts in this book will also convince you that the biblical Cain and the historical figure known as ‘King Sargon’ were indeed one and the same individual.

This highly recommended book is available online as an E-Book, or can be purchased from

A limited preview edition (with photographs) is also available on Google Books.

Some of the main issues (in brief) are as follows:

The Babylonian myths upon which the Genesis stories are supposed to be modelled were eventually taken into Africa (and other places on earth), and there corrupted into the grotesque traditions found among the African tribes. (For example -- Traditions reminiscent of that literature, such as those of a fall of man and a serpent tempter, exist among the tribes of the Tanganyika Territory in Africa.)

Cain settled among a non-Adamite race when he built a city and founded a family, and modern discoveries prove this fact. (Take into consideration that this book was written in 1927, many years before modern genetic and archaeological evidence support the ‘Out-of-Africa’ scenario.)

The Land of Shinar (Babylonia) was the country to which Cain journeyed, and all authority suggests that the first inhabitants of that country were black people. The Babylonians relate how Sargon arrived mysteriously in Babylonia; that he was a gardener when young and reigned in later years over people called "the men of the black headed race".

The Bible sanctions the belief in pre-Adamites, and that the oldest monuments in the world indicate that they were blacks. In fact both the Bible and modern science confirm these assumptions. The Bible, by showing that only eight of Adam's race were saved in the ark, demands a belief in a previous black race to account for the existence of blacks in later history, for how could the Ethiopian who, the prophet remarks, could no more change his skin than the leopard his spots, have descended from Noah?

The "Hamites" of later days must have been the result of the intermarriage of Ham's family with some black race which had survived the Deluge.

Another indication of the identity of Cain with the Babylonian Sargon is that the name variously rendered Sargon, Sargoni, Sarrukinu, Shargani, etc., may reasonably be taken as synonymous with "King Cain," the first syllable Sar or Shar meaning ruler or King in Babylonia and obviously the origin of Shah, Czar, Sahib, Sire, Sir, etc., while the second syllable gon, gani, gina or kinu, is very like Cain.

The evil character of the Babylonian priests is betrayed by their inscriptions which show that they practiced cannibalism. Human flesh was consumed in Babylonia in the earliest times in honour of the gods, and human sacrifices were part of their religion. Seeing that Cain was probably the instigator of cannibalism it is possible that that word was derived by him. The probable derivation of the word is cahna bal, --- “cahna” being the emphatic form of cahn "a priest", and “bal” the high priest of “Bel”. (Cain established himself as the first high-priest of Bel.)

Startling possibilities are suggested by the fact that Sargon is said to have reigned over the "children of Bel" and the "realm of Enlil," and that his subjects the "blackheads" were entrusted to him by Akki (another name for the Devil).
Explorers admit the probability that the archaic civilizations of America, Australia, India and Oceania came originally from either Babylonia, Egypt or Northern Palestine; but how that civilization first came into existence, and the origin of its mingled culture and barbarism remains a mystery, unless the theory is accepted that Cain was the human original of the Sun-god whose followers wandered into every clime, carrying with them the culture of the ancient Babylonians and the leaven of malice and wickedness as well.

The Cambridge History says of Sargon that:

"In his third year he invaded the west... He claims to have subdued the whole of the western lands and to have crossed the western sea, that is the Mediterranean, by which he may mean an occupation of Cyprus. From the 'land of the sea' he caused booty to be brought over." Also, --- the theory that Sargon was in the habit of deporting his subjects encourages the assumption that Cain's civilization and customs were early spread abroad.

That the Yellow race owes its origin to "a very early blend" of Cain's race with a black race is a proposition quite in accordance with Ethnological doctrines. Chinese traditions and other considerations offer ground for the theory that Cain or his near descendants founded the mysterious Chinese (Mongolian) empire. Just as Sargon of Akkad is said to have ruled over the black heads, so in Chinese tradition the first ruler is said to have "transformed the black-haired people" and to have made them "brightly intelligent."

The late Professor Terrein de Lacouperie claimed a great similarity between the Babylonian and Chinese beliefs and institutions, in their astronomy and medicine, and drew attention to the fact that recent excavations in Babylon show that the canals and artificial waterways of China suggest a striking likeness to the canals with which the whole of Babylonia must have been intersected, and which must have been as characteristic a feature of that country as similar works in China at the present day.

One grim sign that the Chinese civilization was derived from Cain is that, according to old historians, cannibalism existed among the ancient Chinese. It could hardly have been taken there by the Hamites for they seem to have gone into Africa, nor is there any reason to suspect the family of Japheth of spreading evil, or for that matter of building up great civilizations; the descendants of Shem, judging by all we hear of them in the Bible, were incapable of such barbarism, and we may therefore conclude that cannibalism was taken into China from Babylonia by some of Cain's race, or even perhaps by Cain himself.

Happily Cain's followers, like most conspirators, bungled badly and let the truth come down to us through their elaborate barrier of lies. The overwhelming proof that the Babylonians knew of God's existence and willfully disguised that fact is in our possession. Although, as we have seen, the mythological writings constantly allude to the personages mentioned in the first chapters of Genesis, no allusion is made in them to the Creator, the knowledge of Whom has come down to us through the Hebrew race. According to the Babylonian priests, several gods took part in the creation of the world, and the gods Anu, Ea and Bel at first, and in later times Shamas, Ishtar and Sin ruled the heavens, earth, sea and "the affairs of men." No room is left in the Babylonian pantheon for a Supreme Being. Three or four tablets have been found, however, smothered as it were among thousands of polytheistic inscriptions, which clearly show that the knowledge of God existed in Babylonia before the year 2200 BC, when there is said to have been a “literary revival” during which older writings and traditions were reproduced.


There’s a saying which states: “Nothing good comes from the East.” I don’t know where this saying originated from, but it has been mentioned countless times over the years in various languages. In German it says, “Nichts gutes kommt vom Osten.” The popular South African preacher, Angus Buchan, is also fond of using this phrase.

Obviously, the Far East (and the rest of the world) as we know it today hardly resembles the way it was in ancient times, but yet there are still remnants of the evil that spread from that ancient region visible, particularly among the darker-skinned tribes who still practise various forms of witchcraft and who seem intent on keeping age-old primitive traditions that have a remarkable affiliation with the ways of Cain.

Today, the Far East is an attractive and exotic destination for holiday makers. A multitude of different races seem to exist, apparently in mutual tolerance of each others ideologies. A common cultural feature is the dominance of Dharmic religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Sikhism. Modern Asian territories and regions conventionally included under the term ‘Far East’ are China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and also Eastern Russia.

Not much history of these ancient times and people were preserved in our ‘Western’ history books, but yet there are a few bits and pieces to be found that provides a general impression of what some of these ancient people were like, and it does not paint a pretty picture. The narrative I have complied below is nowhere near a complete account of the vicious breed of races that existed in ancient times, and neither does it imply that ALL Asians were infected by the evil seed of Cain, or the perverted religion established by him.

Incidentally, --- the swastika was a sacred symbol in Shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Mithraism religions 100’s of years before the German Nazi Party adopted it. The symbol was introduced to Southeast Asia by Hindu kings and remains an integral part of Balinese Hinduism to this day. It is a common sight in Indonesia, and still is an important symbol in Mongolian culture. Source


Sometime around 200 BC there existed a confederation of nomadic tribes from Central Asia with a ruling class of unknown origin and other subjugated tribes. They were known as the Xiongnu or Hun.

These nomadic people were considered so dangerous and disruptive that the Qin Dynasty began construction of the Great Wall to protect Northern China from Xiongnu attacks.

The Xiongnu were a breed of race with a culture that strongly resembled the traditions of, among others, the Black races living on the African continent, and also the Indians of North America. They worshiped the sun, moon, heaven, earth, and also communicated with their ancestors. They had shamans or medicine men who had great influence over the tribesmen. According to this source they mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth in A.D. 170, --- but I have my doubts!

The name Khan (Cain) also features among the Huns. The following paragraph was sourced from a website where a list of top 10 evil men in history has been published:

Attila was Khan of the Huns from 434 until his death in 453. He was leader of the Hunnic Empire which stretched from Germany to the Ural River and from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea. In much of Western Europe, he is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity. An unsuccessful campaign in Persia was followed in 441 by an invasion of the Eastern Roman Empire, the success of which emboldened Attila to invade the West. He passed unhindered through Austria and Germany, across the Rhine into Gaul, plundering and devastating all in his path with a ferocity unparalleled in the records of barbarian invasions and compelling those he overcame to augment his mighty army. Attila drowned in his own blood on his wedding night. Source


As time went by, and Cain’s (Khan’s) progeny continued performing acts of murder and miscegenation among the nations, the largest and most wicked empire in the history of the world gradually emerged in the East, giving birth to the mighty Mongol Empire spanning from Eastern Europe across Asia.

After Genhiz Khan had been proclaimed ruler of all Mongols in 1206, the empire grew, not through peace and prosperity within their own ranks, but through the murderous invasion and rape of millions of people from other nations.

Genhiz Khan initially came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia, (whether they wanted to be united, or not.) He started the Mongol invasions and raids of the Kara-Khitan Khanate, Caucasus, Khwarezmid Empire, Western Xia and Jin dynasties. By the end of his life, the Mongol Empire occupied a substantial portion of Central Asia and China. At its greatest extent it stretched from the Danube to the Sea of Japan (or East Sea) and from the Arctic to Camboja, covering 22 percent of the Earth's total land area, and held sway over a population of over 100 million people.

Very important…

“The Mongols made a large contribution to the present unhappy state of the world in that they helped divide Europe into East and West sectors.

Russians often tell us that they saved Europe from the Tartars (a term sometimes mistakenly used for Mongols) and they claim great credit for that feat, but the important fact remains that the Golden Horde (Mongols who occupied Russia), ruling from the Sea of Aral to the Carpathians, effectively cut off a gigantic slice of Europe from the life-giving influences of the Renaissance and turned the attention of the Russians toward the East.” Source: New York Times, 1950.

In his travel book ‘The Lost Heart of Asia’, the author Colin Thubron provides a brilliant summary of early history in Central Asia. I’ve taken the liberty of including his words from pages 158 to 160 from his book in this article, as I lack the ability to describe the savagery of these barbarian races in the same talented fashion as Colin Thurbron does:

“For two thousand years Central Asia was the womb of terror, where an implacable queue of barbarian races waited to impel one another in history. Whatever spurred their grim waves – the deepening erosion of their pasturelands or their seasons of fleeting unity – they bore the stamp of phantom mobility and mercilessness.

Two and a half millennia ago the shadowy Scythians of Herodotus – Aryan savages whose country was the horse – simmered just beyond the reach of civilisation, like a ghastly protoplasm of all that was to come. Then the Huns flooded over the shattered Roman Empire in a ravening swarm – fetid men clothed in whatever they had slaughtered, even the sewn skins of fieldmice – and they did not stop until they had reached Orleans, and their rude king Attila had died in unseasonable bridebed, and their kingdom flew to pieces. But the Avars followed them – long-haired centaurs who rocked Constantinople and were eventually obliterated by Charlemagne at the dawn of the ninth century. Soon afterwards an enfeebled Byzantium let in the Magyars, and the fearsome Pechenegs rushed in after – Turanian peoples, all of them, who evaporated at last in the gloomy European forests, or settled to become Christian on the Great Hungarian Plain.

Then, at the start of the thirteenth century, as Christian Europe ripened and Islamic Asia flourished, the dread steppeland unleashed its last holocaust in the Mongols. This was not the random flood of popular imagination, but the assault of a disciplined war-machine perfected by the genius of Genghiz Khan.

Unpredictable as a dust-storm, its atrocious cavalry – necklace warriors with dangling moustaches – could advance at seventy miles a day, enduring any hardship. Only their stench, it was said, gave warning of their coming. In extremes, they drank from the jugulars of their horses and ate the flesh of wolves or humans. Yet they are armoured in habergeons of iron or laminated leather scales, and they could fire their steel-tipped arrows with magic accuracy over more than two hundred yards at full gallop. Consummate tacticians and scouts, they soon carried in their wake siege-engines and flame-throwers, and around their nucleus of ethnic Mongols rode a formidable mass of Turkic auxiliaries.

By Genghiz Khan’s death their empire unfurled from Poland to the China Sea. Within a few years his sons and grandsons came within sight of Vienna, laid waste Burma and Korea, and sailed, disastrously for Japan. Meanwhile, in their Central Asian heartland, the Pax Mongolica was instilling administrative discipline, commercial recovery, and a frightened peace.”

Do not be afraid or confused by the ‘frightened peace’ planned by men, but rather…

"May the peace of God rule in your hearts…"
(Colossians 3: 15)

This concludes Part 3 of this series.

Part 4 is here

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I've recently stumbled across your blog and have been reading quite a few of your articles over the last few days - hence this comment a few months after the article - hope you read it! You have a few eye-opening and interesting concepts and I'm finding that I can't seem to stop reading! Fascinating stuff - keep at it!

The following might not be entirely related to this particular post, but I do have a question on one of your views wrt Cain being satan's child and Abel's fraternal twin (I've followed some of the references in a previous post which I can't seem to find right now - it was on the in an article dealing with the original sin if memory serves).

If you take into consideration that God absolutely despises the human-angel offspring of the fallen (Sodom and Gomorah's destruction for example) and for many, many years been getting the sons of Isreal amongst others to completely exterminate these creatures in numerous bloody wars in ancient and possibly current times.

My question is this: why would God spare Cain?

Considering that Satan is a fallen angel as well who was banished from heaven and if what you and others are attesting to is true, then Cain would have to be one of these abominations by being the offsping of a fallen angel - Satan.

God also went one step further after Cain slew Abel by marking him to prevent others from doing him harm? It does not make sense that God would go through all that trouble of arranging for the prevention of harm to Cain and then some time later change tactics to eliminate any and all other semi-humans from existance.

What are your thoughts on this?

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@ Just another Guy,

Thanks for visiting! All comments get delivered to me inbox, and I read them as soon as I get the time – usually the same day they get posted. I am not a fulltime blogger, hence the reason why I cannot always respond immediately.

Your question: why would God spare Cain? is a question that I too have contemplated for many years. Although I have a reasonably good suspicion why God allowed this, I don’t always know how best to explain this to someone else. I will give it a bash anyway…

Forgive me for not providing references to some of the thoughts I’m presenting here. I suggest that you use the search function on for further research and study. Always use the 1611 KJV version when looking up biblical text!)

The way I see it is that God created all things including satan. God’s creation is not 6000 years old, but millions, and there was an earth-age before this current one. Genesis starts with the beginning of this current age. In the previous age the feud between satan and God destroyed everything on earth… “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Gen 1:2)

The feud started when satan rebelled against God and somehow persuaded one third of God’s children (souls) to join him in the rebellion. See also the posting on this blog for more info. and insight into this.

The way I see it, is that when this current age started, it began with some form of a treaty between God and satan. I’m only speculating here, but I can imagine God saying something like this to satan: “Okay let’s start over. You have one third of my souls, and I want them back, but let’s do this fairly. We will let the souls decide for themselves on whose side they want to be on!” We must not forget that God created ALL souls (His Children), but like any good father he was not going to force His children to obey and love Him. He did however warn Adam and Eve to stay away from satan and his people, who were also settled in Eden. (Trees are symbolic of nations in the bible). See also: Ezekiel 28:13-19 – a striking description of God condemning satan.

Satan did not waste time, and launched his first assault on Eve, who gave birth to the fraternal twins Cain and Abel. We know the rest of the story.

Comment continues in next posting…

Tia Mysoa said...

Continued from above…

Now if God decided there and then to destroy the satan child Cain, what do you think satan would have done? He would have simply retaliated with another onslaught on Eve, and before we know it the earth would have been desolate again, and the only two entities in this battle fighting one another would be satan and God, with God’s living creatures being mere robot zombies in the bigger scheme of things. We do not know what exactly constitutes the makeup of a “soul”, and I think this why we have difficulty understanding the superior entity we call “God”.

Whatever the case, the current earth-age we are in, is the final earth-age. This age will cease to exist when fire destroys the earth (and all living flesh) at the second coming of Christ. After that we will all be transformed back to spiritual souls – in an instant (See 1 Corinthians 15: 50-58), followed by the 1000 year reign of peace, followed by satan’s release for his final destruction. But before these events take place God needs His souls to reach maturity through the lessons, trials, and tribulations we experience in this final earth-age.

Back to Cain…
The banished Cain gathered his followers, while God’s people gathered theirs. Bear in mind that Cain’s age was most probably in the region of a 1000 years (people lived long in those ancient times). Only once the battle lines (boundaries) were established, did God gave instructions to His people, to destroy the baal worshipers. Those ancient battles are well recorded in the Old Testament. Ancient history also reveals God’s chosen people were often disobedient and that they had to face the consequences for that disobedience, - a baptism of fire so to speak, which I can only presume must have something to do with the maturity of the soul.

A final thought on why God spared Cain…

Despite Cain’s aggressive evil streak, his intelligence was far superior to God’s other creatures at that time. The clue to this intelligence can be found in Genesis 4:21-22.
Descendants of Cain invented musical instruments, and instructors of every artificer in brass and iron. Was this possibly God’s true intentions with Cain and his seed? – Just a thought.

God bless, and stay in touch!

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