Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Frontline Fellowship’s most popular best selling book, Faith Under Fire in Sudan, has now been republished. The first edition of Faith Under Fire in Sudan lifted the virtual news blackout on this colossal conflict and exposed the scorched earth tactics, systematic terror bombing of civilian targets and the resurgence of the slave trade in Sudan. It quickly sold out and was followed up by the 1998 second edition, which was over double the size. That also quickly sold out.

Now the author has completely updated, revised and greatly expanded the book to include more recent first hand accounts of the horrific atrocities and the inspiring stories of Christian faith under fire in Sudan. The book is now three times its original size with 320 pages, including over 200 pictures and maps.

Including many previously unpublished pictures and compelling new stories of the oldest community of Christians in the largest country in Africa, suffering some of the worst persecution, in the longest war of the 20th century, and yet with the fastest church growth and with more Muslims coming to Christ than anywhere else that we know of.

And while the clock is ticking….

While the clock is ticking, Christians worldwide are being persecuted by the 1000’s, and the main stream media are not reporting this! In South Africa, Christians are also being tortured and brutally murdered, but our government considers this to be ‘normal’. I cannot see what is ‘normal’ about a crime when people are being tortured before they are robbed and raped. What I do see is that in 99 percent of these cases, Christians are the victims. The culprits are the savage followers of Cain who dwell among us. These savages are so infected with the satanic spirit of Cain that a miracle is needed to change their ways. Miracles are possible if enough people, sharing the same ideologies, stand together and fight, --- but it appears that South Africans are tired of fighting!

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