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Is it not strange how quickly things can change in one lifetime? Information previously considered as factual or at least plausible has suddenly become outmoded, as so called “new evidence” comes to light. There is no logical system in place that automatically classifies information as redundant, outdated, invalid, or obsolete. Any scholar who writes a thesis on any specific subject has to study, and analyse the information supplied by previous academics in that specific field. At the onset of their research, they have already been influenced by their own perceptions and beliefs, which are then reinforced, refined, and polished by the very masters who sponsor their “education”.

There seems to be only one aspect which the majority of professional philosophers and scholars on this planet agree upon, and that is that TRUTH cannot be defined anymore. No one seems to know what constitutes truth, how to define and identify it, and whether truth is subjective, relative, objective, or absolute. Even Wikipedia cannot answer this, and their explanations only add to the confusion.

Lately, it has become the norm that information which offends a specific race of people, or religion, cannot be suitable for educational purposes. It has become socially unacceptable. It has been declared hazardous for our own safety and for the peace of all humanity. There is one exception to this rule namely, the White Race. They have been targeted as the villains in the whole story, the ones that started it all, --- so come hell-or-high-water they will be made to pay for it!

Students who embark on studies, whether at primary, secondary, or at university level are provided with new textbooks that have been revised and rephrased. They are taught that old textbooks contain errors of interpretation, or misrepresentations of traditional African culture. Anything that contains the term 'Kaffir', is considered derogatory. These students are reminded that this degrading term often referred to the Xhosa tribe, which was Nelson Mandela's tribe. “Hey, -- if it wasn’t for the courageous efforts of this hero, you would NOT be sitting in this classroom right now!” Remarks of this nature are often made in the presence of white youths with little regard to their feelings. It’s no wonder that these youths feel it best, for their own survival, to rather join them than go against them! It is the youths in this category who eventually join the ranks of the older, more established and sophisticated liberal white traitors, --- the so-called advocates of transformation. Why? ---- Because it is socially more acceptable, that’s why!

The synonyms for transformation…
(read between the lines!)

TRANSFORMATION = alteration, change conversion, revolution, etc…
REVOLUTION = rebellion, revolt, uprising, upheaval, insurgency, insurrection, mutiny, riot.
Source: The Shift - F7 keys on my keyboard that open the UK English Thesaurus in Microsoft Word.

With that said, and before I wander off totally in the wrong direction (sorry, I tend to get a little excited sometimes), --- allow me to move on to the actual subject that stimulated me to write this post today….

State schools contravene law on religious instruction

This sorry state of affairs is a direct result of the actions of our Marxist government and their liberal puppets who eliminated the phrase, "In humble submission to Almighty God," from South Africa’s new constitution when the country was handed over to them in 1994 (See my article Why our democracy is a farce).

The latest debate apparently began when professor George Claassen, chairman of Sceptic South Africa, started to officially monitor selected public (state) schools in South Africa to expose individuals who were STILL allowing Christian bible study and/or prayers in the classroom, – (HOW DARE THEY!)

According to a recently established Facebook group, CHRISTENSKAP SAL VRYLIK IN SKOLE AANBLY, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER!, the individuals involved have been threatened with legal prosecution if this practice continues. This “illegal” practice is apparently an infringement of the South African National Policy on Religion in Education (as published in the Government Gazette 25459 of 12 September 2003, notice 1307).

The main schools targeted appear to be PREDOMINATE WHITE AFRIKAANS SCHOOLS such as, Stellenbosch Laerskool, Louw Geldenhuys Laerskool in Linden, Johannesburg, and Baysville Spesiale Skool in East London.

Dr. Johan van der Merwe, chairman of Laerskool Stellenbosch's governing body, has stated that the school’s religious policies have already been thoroughly examined by reputable experts on education and constitutional law, and have found everything to be in order.
(What then is the purpose of this persistent harassment?)

The headlines of today’s Afrikaans Sunday Newspaper RAPPORT, reads: “Debat oor God in skole verdiep.” -- (Debate about God in schools deepen). According to the newspaper report, professor George Claassen has now withdrawn his involvement in the whole affair because statements made by his opponents have become unacceptable, offending, and slanderous. (This is the typical standard procedure of the liberal mind, --- when the going gets tough!) Hans Pietersen, one of the parents at the Stellenbosch school, has now taken over the reins from prof. Claasen. The full report can be viewed here in Afrikaans.

I cannot agree more with the sentiments of the Western Cape DA-leader, Mr Theuns Botha, who said: “I am sceptical about Sceptic South Africa. The degradation of moral values has reached a point where we are now forced to grab hold of every little last straw in order to restore moral values in our society.”

AFRIKAANS: “Ek is skepties oor Skepties Suid-Afrika. Die morele verval van ons samelewing het die punt bereik waar ons na elke grashalmpie moet gryp om sedes te herstel.”

On the blog site of Sceptic South Africa, they state among other things, that:
  1. A school may not practise the religious apartheid of our past but should rather advance integration of the community at large.
  2. Reading from the Bible (or any other religious holy book) and praying in general class-time is illegal.
I would like to know, since when was apartheid a religious system?

As far as my memory can recall, no one was persecuted for their religious beliefs. Everyone was free to read whatever Holy Scriptures they pleased. The Zionists were free to read their Talmud, and the Muslims were free to read their Qur'an, and so on… Schools were burnt down and destroyed for other reasons, but NOT because of religion.

School activities are already taking up so much private time that many kids are finding it difficult to cope. Last weeks headlines in the Beeld, dated Tuesday 22 September 2009, featured another sad story of how an Afrikaans child, the Headboy of Die Wilgers High School , committed suicide. He left a suicide note to his parents stating, ”Mom and Dad, I’m just too tired and can't handle it anymore!” Click here to view the story in English.

This is but one incident that ended up in the media. How many others are there that we don’t know about? There is so much more that I’d like to say on this subject and other related issues, but I’ll leave that for another day.

For now, my advice to all parents is...


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