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The late E. Raymond Capt was a Biblical Archaeologist, Christian historian, and author of several amazing books. His works support the great historical truths contained within the Bible. Some of his works also contain technical information in an easy to understand format for the layman.

Unfortunately, E. Raymond Capt was not the best teacher when it came to sound biblical doctrines; readers are thus advised to be cautious in this regard. Despite this individual flaw (an inherent trait in all humans), Capt has steadfastly kept to his conviction that the ancient Israelities of the Bible are in fact the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Germanic-Scandinavian peoples of Planet Earth, a profound truth which the worldview has been trying to smother, at all cost! It will thus not surprise me if his books will eventually vanish from the public eye in 20 years from now, or maybe sooner!

The following quote, which comes from Capt himself, summaries the central theme of his works:

For centuries our most famous seats of learning, universities, colleges and theological institutions have been at a loss to solve the question - what was the ultimate fate of the so-called "Lost Tribes of Israel" in Assyrian captivity? Although there is an abundance of prophecy in the Bible concerning the destiny of the "House of Israel" there is no record of its history in exile. The prevailing theory, held by modern theologians, is that they were "cast away;" simply integrated with the people of the lands of their captivity. However, such conclusions are in contradiction to the everlasting covenants God made with Abraham and his descendants. (Gen. 17:4-7) - Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets, pg.7 Source

The following opinions concerning E. Raymond Capt (opinions which I whole-heartedly agree with) was retrieved from the excellent data-rich website managed by Nick Goggin: www.biblestudysite.com:

As regarding E. Raymond Capt: he is an excellent Biblical Archaeologist, but not the best Bible teacher. I have most all of his books So, his value to the Christian Bible student is in his faithfulness to God and Christ in his archaeological analysis. However, his doctrines are somewhat imperfect, in my opinion.

Regarding the so-called Identity teaching: "they" have muddied the term Identity into something Racist. But the truth of the matter is that Identity teaching, also referred to as British Israelism, or The Ten Lost Tribes, found doctrine is true. The impostors to true Israel (the so-called "Jews") don't like true Israel (the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic & kindred peoples) knowing that they (Anglo-Saxons...) are in fact true Israel. So, there is a lot of deceit and false "guilt-by-association" going on in this debate (all ultimately started and then later fuelled by the International Judaics (usually through non-Jewish front-men; i.e., their deceived "Gentile" useful-idiot quislings) who are desperate to keep the world ignorant as to their (the Int. Judaics) true identity, as well as keeping true Israel blind to her identity. This controversy goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, and shall come to fruition in the Great Tribulation.... Click here to continue reading the rest of Nick Goggin’s commentary on this issue.


Click here to visit the Amazon.com page dealing with all books by E. Raymond Capt.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit the Christian category-link on the Tia Mysoa Bookstore, where you’ll also find comprehensive descriptions and reviews on each and every one of his books, including my personal comments and recommendations. Enjoy!


Ravensqarr said...

It is with some interest to note that the "lost" tribe of Dan travelled around the then known world and left behind their name everywhere they settled for a while. A common practise amongst many nations to name a citadel after the founding fathers or historic paternal character.
"They settled in Leshem and named it Dan after their forefather."- Joshua19:48

This can be used very easily then to track their trek, through the Caucassus, which ended in, guess, Danmark. Geografically speaking this is pretty much the centre of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Germanic-Scandinavian area.

Coincedence that the Danes had a Legendary king Dan who fought the Romans? Coincidence about the linguistic similarities? Coincidence that Hitler wanted to dispose of them too?
Or perhaps the long distant offspring of Abraham?

Perhaps Nordic Israelism has favour of historical documentation. Or not.

God knows.
And He sent His Son to die for us and the Holy Spirit to guide us. THAT is truth. The rest is speculation and educated guesses.

Mickey said...

Unfortunately, E. Raymond Capt was not the best teacher when it came to sound biblical doctrines; readers are thus advised to be cautious in this regard. Despite this individual flaw (an inherent trait in all humans)"

Really? And just how did you come to this marvel? I have met Raymond Capt and a more brilliant man I have never met. He IS one of the most sound Biblical teachers of the last 100 years. I urge you to release the dung that is being spouted in our churches today and open your mind a bit. For if one does not know who Israel IS then the Bible is a closed book to you no matter HOW many years you study it.

Jeanne said...

This was my father, and I have been ashamed that the love, mercy and work on the cross to make of all nations one was not a part of his message. Gal. 3:29 "If you are Christ's then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise". So what relevancy is your race or ancestors?
The important message is that Christ shed his blood to bring sanctification to all who receive him. There is "neither Jew nor Greek (tribe or race) - for you are all one in Christ."

That is all we need to know. Anything else waters down the power of the cross. And the awesomeness of mercy given to ALL.

I feel sad that most of his life was wasted on the opposite message.

christopher harper said...

God bless you Jeanne. At least one person has the true message of Jesus in their heart.

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